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AAPL Score 45

The stock is currently rated a Sell. It is… 10% of below its historic median score of 50, and infers higher risk than normal.

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Stock Score outperformed buy-and-hold investors by as much as 10X in AAPL.

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Get instant answers with our proprietary stock ratings engine.

No more guesswork wasting time looking at technical charts or financial statements wondering whether a pullback means it's time to load up the truck or sell as fast as you can.

Stock Score makes it easy to know when a stock is rated a Buy or Sell.

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See precise windows of time when powerful seasonal trends help to power stocks higher.

See now the best periods of the year to own your favorite stocks based on historical trends.

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Quantifiable Ratings On 5000+ Stocks

NYSE, NASDAQ, S&P 500, Russell 2000 and more.

We incorporate fundamental, technical, sentiment, seasonal, economic, and seasonal data into a proprietary algorithm to create Stock Scores that are not subject to the weakness of typical ratings.

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Seasonality Screener

Want to know which stocks have risen 25% in the next 13 weeks with 91% accuracy? Now you can.

"One-Click" Investment Ideas

Upgrade your portfolio instantly with a single click using our proprietary one-click technology.

Stock Score Screener

With just 2 clicks, see the top rated stocks in the market today.

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Get alerted to specific stocks with strong seasonal track records of soaring and crashing right now.

The "Buffett" Stock List

Our Value Investor list of stocks features companies that even the Oracle of Omaha might approve of.

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Here's What Our Members Say

Seasonality has added a whole new spectrum to my trading

– so much so that I have added it to my evaluation rules before purchasing an option. I have Zacks Research Wizard and Finviz, but Financhill is much easier to use for the breadth of information you provide.

Eddie R.

I was skeptical at first and only signed up for 1 year

But as we all know, 'TIMING IS EVERYTHING' in life and investing. And Financhill definitely helps us to be in the right trades at the right times!

Doug F.

The last three months have certainly been an interesting time

I saw things play out in the markets that might otherwise take me a lifetime to see. It was fun to see the markets throw you a curve ball every week and to see you hit it out of the park with a new strategy.

James B.

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