Lithium Americas Quote, Financials, Valuation and Earnings

Lithium Americas Price Quote

+0.27 (+1.09%)
(Updated: February 2, 2023 at 8:00 PM ET)

Lithium Americas Key Stats

Lithium Americas (LAC) is a Buy

Day range:
$23.51 - $25.50
52-week range:
$17.58 - $40.39
Dividend yield:
P/E ratio:
P/S ratio:
P/B ratio:

Avg. volume:
1-year change:
Market cap:

How Much Does Lithium Americas Make?

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Is Lithium Americas Growing As A Company?

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Lithium Americas Stock Price Performance

  • Did Lithium Americas Stock Go Up Last Month?
    Lithium Americas share price went up by 30.34% last month
  • Did LAC's Share Price Rise Over The Last Year?
    LAC share price fell by -8.59% over the past 1 year

What Is Lithium Americas 52-Week High & Low?

Lithium Americas Price To Free Cash Flow

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Is It Risky To Buy Lithium Americas?

  • How Much Debt Does Lithium Americas Have?
    Total long term debt quarterly is $0
  • How Much Cash Does Lithium Americas Have?
    Cash and short term investments quarterly total is $392.2M
  • What Is Lithium Americas’s Book Value Per Share?
    Book value per share is 5.74

Is Lithium Americas Cash Flow Positive?

  • What Is LAC Cash Flow From Operations?
    Cash flow from operations (TTM) is -$67.4M
  • What Is Lithium Americas’s Cash Flow From Financing?
    Cash flow from financing (TTM) is $80.7M
  • What Is Lithium Americas’s Cash Flow From Investing?
    Cash flow from investing (TTM) is -$311.7M

Lithium Americas Return On Invested Capital

Data Unavailable

Lithium Americas Earnings Date & Stock Price

Lithium Americas Competitors

  • Who Are Lithium Americas's Competitors?
    Below is a list of companies who compete with Lithium Americas or are related in some way:
    • Nuinsco Resources Ltd (NWIFF)
    • Piedmont Lithium Inc (PLL)
    • Major Precious Metals Corp (SIZYF)
    • Stornoway Diamond Corp (SWYDF)
    • TMC The Metals Co Inc (TMC)

Lithium Americas Dividend Yield

Data Unavailable

Lithium Americas Analyst Estimates

YoY Growth Past Surprise
EPS: 0% -2.73%
Revenue: 0% 0%

Analyst Recommendations

Buy Recommendations: 9
Hold Recommendations: 1
Sell Recommendations: 0
Price Target: 40.87
Upside from Last Price: 65.47%

Major Shareholders

  • How many LAC shares are owned by institutional investors?
    42.5M LAC shares are owned by institutional investors
  • How many LAC shares are owned by insiders?
    0 LAC shares are owned by insiders