ING Groep NV Quote, Financials, Valuation and Earnings

ING Groep NV Price Quote

-0.77 (-5.26%)
(Updated: February 2, 2023 at 8:20 PM ET)

ING Groep NV Key Stats

ING Groep NV (ING) is a Buy

Day range:
$14.44 - $14.72
52-week range:
$8.14 - $15.97
Dividend yield:
P/E ratio:
P/S ratio:
P/B ratio:

Avg. volume:
1-year change:
Market cap:

How Much Does ING Groep NV Make?

Is ING Groep NV Growing As A Company?

  • What Is ING Groep NV's Growth Rate Quarterly?
    Quarterly YoY revenue growth is -0.06%
  • What Is ING Groep NV's EPS Quarterly YoY Growth Rate?
    Quarterly, year-over-year diluted EPS growth rate is -0.26%

ING Groep NV Stock Price Performance

  • Did ING Groep NV Stock Go Up Last Month?
    ING Groep NV share price went up by 20.3% last month
  • Did ING's Share Price Rise Over The Last Year?
    ING share price fell by -2.79% over the past 1 year

What Is ING Groep NV 52-Week High & Low?

ING Groep NV Price To Free Cash Flow

Data Unavailable

Is It Risky To Buy ING Groep NV?

  • How Much Debt Does ING Groep NV Have?
    Total long term debt quarterly is $113.4B
  • How Much Cash Does ING Groep NV Have?
    Cash and short term investments quarterly total is $162.9B
  • What Is ING Groep NV’s Book Value Per Share?
    Book value per share is 14.41

Is ING Groep NV Cash Flow Positive?

Data Unavailable

ING Groep NV Return On Invested Capital

  • Is Management Doing A Good Job?
    ING return on invested capital is 2.19%
  • What Is ING Groep NV Return On Assets?
    ROA measures how assets are converting to revenues and is 0.4%
  • What Is ING Return On Equity?
    ROE is a measure of profitability and is 7.24%

ING Groep NV Earnings Date & Stock Price

  • What Is ING Groep NV's Stock Price Today?
    A single share of ING can be purchased today for 14.64
  • What Is ING Groep NV’s Stock Symbol?
    ING Groep NV trades on the nyse under the ticker symbol: ING
  • When Is ING Groep NV’s Next Earnings Date?
    The next quarterly earnings date for ING Groep NV is scheduled on February 2, 2023
  • When Is ING's next ex-dividend date?
    ING Groep NV's next ex-dividend date is January 13, 2023
  • How To Buy ING Groep NV Stock?
    You can buy ING Groep NV shares by opening an account at a top tier brokerage firm, such as TD Ameritrade or tastyworks.

ING Groep NV Competitors

  • Who Are ING Groep NV's Competitors?
    Below is a list of companies who compete with ING Groep NV or are related in some way:
    • Aegon NV (AEG)
    • European Biotech Acquisition Corp (EBAC)
    • Euronext NV (ERNXY)
    • NN Group NV (NNGRY)
    • Van Lanschot Kempen NV (VLNVF)

ING Groep NV Dividend Yield

ING Groep NV Analyst Estimates

YoY Growth Past Surprise
EPS: -25.65% -26.67%
Revenue: -5.68% -2.91%

Analyst Recommendations

Buy Recommendations: 1
Hold Recommendations: 0
Sell Recommendations: 0
Price Target: 17.05
Upside from Last Price: 16.46%

Major Shareholders

  • How many ING shares are owned by institutional investors?
    161.1M ING shares are owned by institutional investors
  • How many ING shares are owned by insiders?
    0 ING shares are owned by insiders