Bitcoin Astrology Prediction

Bitcoin Astrology Prediction: For thousands of years, people have trusted the stars for guidance. Before digital navigation systems, mariners relied on constellations to choose their direction. Explorers still use these techniques to find their way home when other equipment fails.

Since the very start of civilization, humans have identified and recorded patterns in the movement of celestial objects, and they have predicted future events based on how those objects interact with each other.

Astrology is a practice loosely defined as studying celestial objects to predict earthly events. As humans evolved, astrology played a smaller role in the culture, but there are still believers that consult the stars before making important decisions.

Some astrologists have applied their talent for interpreting the meaning of celestial movements to the earthly activities of various financial markets, and a few have focused their attention on astrology as it applies to Bitcoin.

After all, there are similarities between the practice of astrology and the technical analysis of assets. Both gather historical data to locate patterns that have already occurred. Then, the information is used to predict how patterns will play out in the future.

Some of the most interesting Bitcoin astrology predictions have already come to pass, and that has current investors curious about what else the stars have to say.

Maren Altman’s Bitcoin Astrology Prediction

Maren Altman has always been interested in astrology, and she has a deep understanding of the methods used to apply astrology to finance.

For Altman, moving from financial astrology to Bitcoin astrology was a natural progression. She chose TikTok to share her Bitcoin astrology predictions, and she has become an inspiration to her 1.2 million followers.

When astrology is applied to people, the date and time of birth is the most critical factor. These facts make it possible to see how celestial activity will impact the life of a person. The same concept applies to cryptocurrency.

In the case of Bitcoin, the genesis block is used in place of birth date, so Bitcoin – created January 3, 2009 – is a Capricorn.

In early January 2021, Altman made a tangible Bitcoin astrology prediction. She said that Bitcoin would see a bit of a drop based on the positions of Saturn and Mercury, but the dip would be short-lived. The positions of Jupiter and Pluto supported the likelihood that Bitcoin would rebound and see an impressive bull run.

As it turned out, that’s exactly what happened. Bitcoin’s price dropped on January 11, 2021, but it recovered within two days. It kept on its upward trajectory into April, nearly doubling its value. That had Altman’s followers convinced that she knew the secret to understanding finance through astrology. She is transparent about her trades, and her followers often create portfolios that they believe mirror Altman’s.

Maren Altman’s Bitcoin astrology prediction for 2022 is overwhelmingly positive. While her analysis of relevant astrological signs doesn’t indicate prices as high as $100,000, Altman said she believes that Bitcoin price could reach $75,000 to $80,000 by the end of the year.

Jessica Adams’ Bitcoin Astrology Prediction

Jessica Adams has been involved in astrology for decades. In fact, her first horoscope website launched in 1994, and her current site – – has been online since 1996.

Adams has written horoscopes for major publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, and Vogue. She has published books related to astrology in addition to her novels.

More than three million people visit Adams’ site each year to check out their free horoscopes, and Adams offers premium content and services like the Astrology Oracle and the Eastern Astrology forecast. In 2020, Adams started a YouTube channel to better connect with her followers.

Adams has made a number of Bitcoin astrology predictions in recent years. She bases her guidance on a Bitcoin date of birth that matches that of the cryptocurrency’s anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto has given a date of birth of April 5, 1975.

One of the most often cited predictions is her May 2021 statement that Bitcoin would crash in May 2022. Sure enough, that came to pass, which has her followers convinced of her skill.

If her other Bitcoin astrology predictions are accurate, it could be bad news for Bitcoin investors because Adams predicts the end of Bitcoin by April 26, 2026.

Are Bitcoin Astrology Predictions A Scam?

Most mainstream financial advisors and cryptocurrency experts are quick to warn investors to stay away from Bitcoin astrology predictions.

They are confident that the alignment of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies doesn’t show historical cryptocurrency prices and can’t provide guidance on the future of cryptocurrency prices.

The naysayers suggest that cryptocurrency astrologists take advantage of investors who don’t clearly understand cryptocurrency or astrology. That makes it difficult for these individuals to separate fact from fiction.

What Will Bitcoin Do In 2022?

From a pricing perspective, Bitcoin predictions are all over the place. Cryptocurrency experts diverge on price direction and timeline, with some suggesting that Bitcoin will drop below $10,000 and others certain it will exceed $100,000. One even said that Bitcoin’s price will eventually exceed $6 million, though it is unclear what the timeline is for that target.

What does seem certain is more regulation of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. That is likely to encourage increased adoption, as those who aren’t quite bought into the idea begin to feel more secure.

Does that guarantee higher prices?

Perhaps, but there are dozens of factors that may influence Bitcoin price. According to Bitcoin astrologers, the position of celestial bodies is one of those factors.

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