Microchip Technology Stock Price Chart

  • Based on the share price being below its 5, 20 & 50 day exponential moving averages, the current trend is considered strongly bearish and MCHP is experiencing selling pressure, which indicates risk of future bearish movement.

Microchip Technology Price Chart Indicators

Moving Averages Level Buy or Sell
8-day SMA: 82.83 Buy
20-day SMA: 83.53 Sell
50-day SMA: 86.36 Sell
200-day SMA: 82.62 Buy
8-day EMA: 83.83 Sell
20-day EMA: 85.23 Sell
50-day EMA: 85.34 Sell
200-day EMA: 82.12 Buy

Microchip Technology Technical Analysis Indicators

Chart Indicators Level Buy or Sell
MACD (12, 26): -1.04 Sell
Relative Strength Index (14 RSI): 45.43 Sell
Chaikin Money Flow: -3546246 -
Bollinger Bands Level Buy or Sell
Bollinger Bands (25): (81.88 - 87.48) Sell
Bollinger Bands (100): (77.49 - 88.35) Buy

Microchip Technology Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis: Buy or Sell?
8-day SMA:
20-day SMA:
50-day SMA:
200-day SMA:
8-day EMA:
20-day EMA:
50-day EMA:
200-day EMA:
MACD (12, 26):
Relative Strength Index (14 RSI):
Bollinger Bands (25):
Bollinger Bands (100):

Technical Analysis for Microchip Technology Stock

Is Microchip Technology Stock a Buy?

MCHP Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis

Microchip Technology (MCHP) is a Buy

Is Microchip Technology a Buy or a Sell?

Microchip Technology Stock Info

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Price in USD:
Share Volume:

Microchip Technology 52-Week Range

52-Week High:
52-Week Low:
Microchip Technology (MCHP) is a Buy

Microchip Technology Share Price Forecast

Is Microchip Technology Stock a Buy?

Fundamental Analysis of Microchip Technology

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  • Analysts estimate an earnings decrease this quarter of $0.24 per share, an increase next quarter of $0.10 per share, a decrease this year of $1.07 per share, and a decrease next year of $1.77 per share.

Technical Analysis of Microchip Technology

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* Microchip Technology stock forecasts short-term for next days and weeks may differ from long term prediction for next month and year based on timeline differences.