How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

Andrew Tate has become a very popular internet personality over the last decade, but not all of the attention he receives is positive. Still, that doesn’t detract from his earning potential and fame.
Tate didn’t start out as an internet personality, though. In fact, his career began when he was a young man with an interest in martial arts.

Andrew Tate’s Early Life

Andrew Tate was born in Washington, DC in 1986, but his family moved to Luton, England soon after. He spent his childhood and early adulthood in England. He holds dual citizenship between the U.S. and England. He currently lives in Romania.
Tate isn’t the only semi-famous person in his family. His father, Emory, was a chess International Master. He passed away in 2015. The first Black Grandmaster called Emory Tate a “trailblazer for African-American chess.” His mother worked as a catering assistant.
Andrew Tate is biracial. His mother is White, and his father is Black.

How Did Andrew Tate Get Famous?

Andrew Tate became a popular, successful kickboxer. He didn’t become famous until later in his career, though. Appearing on Big Brother season 17 exposed him to a wider audience. Social media, however, gave him the outlet he needed to become famous.
Tate uses social media accounts on YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms to express ideas largely considered unpopular and crass by the public at large. For example, he has said that many sexual assault victims share responsibility with their victimizers.
He attracted much ire during the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse cases. Not surprisingly, he has been called a “misogynist” by numerous critics. Twitter has permanently removed at least three of his accounts.
Andrew Tate has fans who respect his unsavory opinions. Some also believe that his social media accounts use an outlandish persona, making his posts akin to performance art, acting, or joking.
Whether sincere or not, Tate has called himself a “sexist” and “misogynist.” He has also said that women cannot drive, should stay at home, and belong to their male partners. 
His fame peaked in 2022 when Google searches for his name surpassed those for Donald Trump and COVID-19. 
Some women’s rights advocacy organizations worry that Tate’s statements encourage young men to form unhealthy relationships based on violence. Some also worry that his thinking leads to fascism and racism.
In 2022, the U.S. Embassy in Romania told the Romanian police that Tate might have an American woman imprisoned in his home (in Romania). The police have not charged Tate with any crime, and the investigation is ongoing.
Tate denies that he has done anything wrong. However, Tate said in a YouTube clip that “40 percent” of the reason he moved to Romania is because he believed the country’s police are less likely to take sexual assault allegations seriously.

Where Did Andrew Tate Get His Money?

Andrew Tate has enjoyed several income strings throughout his adulthood. Although a fighter of his caliber might have deserved higher pay for events, kickboxing still gave him a financial foundation on which he could build other opportunities. 
Much of his post-kickboxing career has focused on generating money through digital avenues. He and his brother started an affiliate marketing company. In addition to earning money from affiliate marketing, they held online courses with the aim of teaching others how to profit. This concept soon evolved into Hustlers’ University. 
Tate also makes money from his social media channels. He holds significant prominence on YouTube. Unfortunately for Tate, his controversial ideas have made it harder for him to optimize advertising dollars on these channels. Several social media platforms have also banned Tate’s accounts.

How Much Money Did Andrew Tate Make From Kickboxing?

Andrew Tate started taking martial arts seriously in 2005. By 2009, he felt prepared to combine his love of martial arts and boxing to enter the world of professional kickboxing.
That year, he won the Full Contact Cruiserweight held by the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA). He later went on to win two ISKA world championships. He retired from professional kickboxing in 2020.
Despite holding multiple world championship titles, Tate says he never made more than $100,000 from a fight. Over his career, he might have earned a couple million dollars, but all of that hard work did not make him wealthy enough. Part of the reason he left the sport was so he could commit more time to earning money in other ways.

How Much Does Andrew Tate Actually Make?

It’s very difficult to know how much money Andrew Tate actually makes. He has claimed that his company, Hustler’s University 2.0, makes him $5 million per month.
The online “school” predominately focuses on teaching people about “get rich quick” schemes. Content covers cryptocurrency, NFTs, drop shipping, and other trending subjects.
Hustler’s University 2.0 charges members $49.99 per month. The website claims it has over 100,000 members, but there isn’t a way to confirm that number.
Even if it does have that many members, Tate would not truly make $5 million per month from their fees. The company might have revenue of $5 million per month, but it would also need to pay expenses.
For Tate to make $5 million per month, he would need a company without overhead, including payroll, office space, and server space. It’s such an impractical way to run a business that it’s probably impossible.
It seems that Tate is also working on a project called “Hustler’s University 3.0.”

How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

Andrew Tate likes to post images of himself enjoying a lavish lifestyle. He’s often on yachts and surrounded by beautiful women. 
How Andrew Tate makes his money is a bit of a mystery, though. You can accept that he generates revenues from his online businesses. However, it’s impossible to separate fact from fiction. Tate clearly enjoys playing an outlandish character online. Is it possible to separate that personality from his claims?
Some of his fans likely believe that he has a massive reserve of money accumulated from hustling and staying ahead of internet trends.
Tate has a lot of critics, though. Even those who accept him as a multimillionaire put his wealth at a relatively low level. Interestingly, the critics are essential to his success. Without them, he wouldn’t have as much controversy that keeps him at the center of attention.

Is Andrew Tate A Billionaire?

Tate has made several exaggerated claims about his wealth, so it’s difficult to know how much money he has. He once claimed he was a trillionaire. In reality, there are no trillionaires on the planet.
Elon Musk, widely recognized as the world’s wealthiest person, has a net value of about $250 billion. He would need to quadruple his wealth to become a trillionaire.
So, how much money does Andrew Tate really have? Estimates range from $30 million to $350 million. Most sources believe he has roughly $250 million in money and assets. 
Realistically, there isn’t a reason for Tate or anyone else to reveal how much money he truly has. Tate enjoys making absurd statements about his wealth. Whether it’s $30 million or $350 million, he doesn’t have enough to earn a place on any lists that track the world’s wealthiest people. That just makes it harder to know how much he has. One thing is certain, though. He does not have a trillion dollars. 

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