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Dear Ron and Financhill Team,

I want to say thank you for your great educational investment service. I appreciate Ron's nightly videos on the market and the informative webinars explaining seasonal hot stocks. I have spent $1000's on newsletters and investment advisory services over the years with great marketing claims and hype, which all have been big on promises but very short on delivering profitable results! I have lost more money and blown up an account or 2 in the process and have never renewed any of those subscriptions.

Any potential new members, I was skeptical at first and only signed up for 1 year but as we all know 'TIMING IS EVERYTHING" in life and investing. And Financhill definitely helps us to be in the right trades at the right times!

Ron and Financhill definitely can help little investors like me trade with the big dogs to gain an advantage.

Keep up the great work and thank you very much!

Doug F.


"Seasonality has added a whole new spectrum to my trading – so much so that I have added it to my evaluation rules before purchasing an option. I have Zacks Research Wizard and Finviz, but Financhill is much easier to use for the breadth of information you provide."

Eddie R.


I am on a fixed income and very conservative in trading, so don’t take big positions. I have been having good successes with your seasonality program and your guidance to help me understand.

Thank you for all your explanations and demonstrations. You put a lot of time into ensuring that your subscribers have current information and the skills and understanding to benefit from your software.

I don’t expect this kind of result very often but it is a great feeling when it happens.

Just wanted to let you know that I am very appreciative. This makes a big difference for me.



The last three months have certainly been an interesting time to be in the markets. I saw things play out in the markets that might otherwise take me a lifetime to see. It was fun to see the markets throw you a curve ball every week and to see you hit it out of the park with a new strategy.

James B.


Anyone can buy or sell an option. How you make money or not lose your shirt when the trade goes against you, is all important. Providing the training using live data and charts is the best and the only way to conduct this type of training. The learning is truly in real life and real time and there is no hiding or theoretical discussions. Following the actual trades each week and deciding what to do about each was a perfect way to learn.

Devan R.


Even though I have been trading for 12 years, primarily just stocks through my 401k until I retired last year, I gained a much better understanding of when to use various trading strategies like bear calls and bull put spreads as well as how and when to adjust my trades.

Steve I.


Up to now I had taken one or two classes but was never confident to try out the strategies as not having a good understanding. With your coaching videos I have learnt a lot and gained confidence and doing paper trades with options.

Ashwin S.


You did a great job teaching us all of the things you listed in an easy to understand manner. Your coaching style is professional, educational and motivational.

Maher K.


Even though I've been trading for some time this was extremely valuable and I feel more comfortable going forward. I think a couple of the items I picked up were patience, trading a down/declining market and I've become more comfortable with making adjustments to existing trades. The last few classes were excellent as they tied everything we've been talking about together and put the individual concepts into practice. While you covered implementation each week, applying them to a specific portfolio was helpful.

Mark Z.