Trading Simplified: Spot Emerging Trends First Using Seasonality

Wouldn’t you love to be able to see the future for any stock?

Of course you would!

While we wait for time travel to be invented, we here at Financhill set out to create the next best thing.

A way to spot emerging trends before they appear.

Sounds impossible? Let us introduce you to our Seasonality Tool.

Financhill’s Seasonality Tool is about as close as you can get to having a crystal ball for stock prices.

Here’s how it works…

The Seasonality Tool crunches the year-over-year trading history of every stock. Then, it generates a forward-looking chart for the stock.

A simulated glimpse into the future for that stock chart based on historical data.


As you hover over the chart’s future price estimates, the tool will also show you the historical accuracy of that move.

Let’s take AAPL for example. At the time of writing this, our Seasonality Tool says AAPL is projected to rise by 5.03% over the next 16 weeks. The historical accuracy of this move is 64%.

If you look even further into the future, our Seasonality Tool says AAPL is projected to rise by 30.76% over the next 48 weeks. This also shows a historical accuracy of 64% for this move.

Imagine trying to calculate this information yourself. You’d need access to paid data feeds, and nearly a PhD in math! It could take hours upon hours of crunching data for a stock, and by tomorrow… you’d have to start those calculations over again from scratch.

But with Financhill’s Seasonality Tool…

…you can see this data on ANY stock at just the click of a button.

We have completely automated the calculations for you.

Any why choose a stock with a 64% probability when you can find one with 91% probably (seriously we’ll show you those stocks too!).

Wouldn't you want to know that a particular stock has a repeatable pattern that kicks off an uptrend like clockwork year after year?

An emerging trend that you could take advantage of while your neighbor is guessing and hoping which stock will move next?

It's also worth mentioning that the Seasonality Tool does not just predict when a stock will rise. It also predicts when it is likely to drop.

Let’s say you have a portfolio of stocks right now. If you saw data that said one of your stocks had an 84% probability of dropping 8% over the next 12 weeks, while another stock you own has a 92% probability of rising 6% over the next 12 weeks, wouldn’t that be helpful?

Say it with me: “Of course it would!”

Now, you might be wondering: Do I have to type in hundreds of stocks to scan through these charts for the best trading ideas with the highest historical accuracy rates?


We’ve also built in a Stock Screener into Financhill that allows you to filter for the best trade ideas.

Want to know which stock has risen 8% over the next 8 weeks 88% of the time? Go here to see how!

Ps: If you’re thinking “I’ve seen just a tiny fraction of what Financhill can do and I’m already convinced this is the most powerful software to generate trading ideas I’ve ever seen…”

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