Trading Simplified: Screen For Winners

If you’ve landed on this page then hopefully you’ve already learned about Stock Score and Seasonality. If not, you’ll definitely want to check those out at these links first:

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Spot Emerging Trends First Using Seasonality >>

If you have already learned about those tools, then you’ve already seen some of the amazing power behind the Financhill suite of trading tools.

Now, we’re going to unleash that power.

Introducing Financhill’s proprietary Stock Screener…

This is no ordinary stock screener that you’d find in your broker’s dashboard.

This is a stock screener that has the ability to identify things like…

“Which stocks have historically moved up a minimum of 5% over the next 12 weeks with at least an 85% probability?”

Good luck asking your broker’s screener to do that!

Our Screener Tool has 3 separate types of screens you can use:

  1. Stock Score For Independent, Algorithmic Buy and Sell Ratings
  2. Seasonality To Spot Emerging Trends Before They Happen
  3. Covered Calls To Generate Income Predictably

The Stock Score screener allows you to filter for stocks using our proprietary Stock Score, price range, average 30 day volume, whether or not the stock has options, and more.

So for example. Let's say we only want stocks with a stock price between $30 → $50, with a 30 day average volume of greater than 1 million shares traded with a Stock Score of 75 or higher.

Boom! Instant Quality Trading Ideas.

Or what if we want stocks with a price of at least $50 with a stock score of 80 or higher?

Piece of cake. And, you can save your settings in your Financhill account. Now all you have to do is log in to Financhill every day and check your saved presets for the best trading ideas.

Now let’s look at the Seasonality Screener.

This screener allows you to screen for stocks based on % of move, number of weeks and historical accuracy.

So as I mentioned above you can search for something like:

“Which stocks have historically moved up a minimum of 5% over the next 12 weeks with at least an 85% probability?”

If you want to get even more advanced on that search you can add a filter so it only shows stocks with a Stock Score that are a Buy.

What if you could know the stocks that have the highest probability of a 5% or greater move in the short term? If you trade stocks that would be awesome. If you trade options, you know how much more you could make…

Impressed already?

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Want to see stocks Warren Buffett would love?

Check out (probably) the most rigorous value screener everrrr! >>

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What Are The Best Stocks To Buy?

Stock Stock Score % Price Change Buy signal issued
15.88% 5 weeks ago
63% 3 weeks ago
30.39% 3 days ago
52.78% 2 weeks ago
24.43% 5 weeks ago
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