Michael Saylor Bitcoin Holdings

Who Is Michael Saylor? Michael Saylor is an American entrepreneur and executive born in Lincoln, Nebraska. He attended MIT with financial help from an Air Force ROTC scholarship. Saylor studied several subjects at MIT, including aeronautics, technology, and society. After graduation, he planned to become an Air Force pilot but could not pursue his dream because of a medical condition.

With his plans thwarted, Michael Saylor took a consulting job with The Federal Group, where he spent most of his time focused on computer simulation modeling. Later, he left the group to become a computer consultant at DuPont, where he continued working with computer simulation models.

In 1989, Saylor used his earnings from DuPont (DD) to form the business intelligence company MicroStrategy. He formed the company with an MIT fraternity brother, Sanju Bansal. MicroStrategy was fortunate enough to win a $10 million contract with McDonald’s in 1992. MicroStrategy performed so well that it doubled its revenues six years in a row. It went public in 1998.

The company experienced some challenges in 2000 after a review found irregularities in its accounting practices. Its share price lost 62% of its value in one day, falling from $333 to $120. Near the end of 2000, MicroStrategy (MSTR) faced an even bigger concern: The SEC filed charges against MicroStrategy and the company’s executives. Saylor and two other executives paid $350,000 each in fines for fraud. They also returned a combined $10 million.

Michael Saylor Pivots MicroStrategy Business Model to Crypto

MicroStrategy experienced many of the tech industry’s ups and downs over the years. In 2020, however, Saylor drew significant attention by announcing that the company would invest $250 million in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Saylor has been pushing the company to pivot its business model even more toward crypto, citing global economic changes that make Bitcoin look like a better alternative to the US Dollar and other fiat currencies.

By mid-2021, MicroStrategy owned over 100,000 Bitcoin. The company, however, still produces digital modeling tools for its clients.

Michael Saylor Bitcoin Holdings

On October 28, 2021, Michael Saylor tweeted that he personally owned 17,732 Bitcoin that he bought at $9,882 on average.

At the time, his Bitcoin holdings alone would have given him a worth of about $1.1 billion. Around the same time, MicroStrategy owned Bitcoin, which had a value of about $7 billion. Saylor has never sold his crypto investments.

Bitcoin has a highly volatile value that experiences significant surges and crashes. In 2021, Bitcoin’s value fluctuated from about $20,000 per coin to $67,000 per coin. It did not take a linear path. Instead, a graph of Bitcoin value has numerous peaks and valleys.

With such volatility, Michael Saylor could be a billionaire one day, lose his status the following day, and have even more personal worth the next day. The unpredictability is partly why he holds on to his assets. Selling at the wrong time could mean significant losses, or at least a lost opportunity for higher profits.

Michael Saylor Bitcoin Price Forecast

Michael Saylor makes a lot of Bitcoin price forecasts based on his personal views and financial modeling. He incorrectly predicted that Bitcoin would reach $98,000 before the end of November 2021. He has also stated that he believes Bitcoin could reach $135,000 in December 2021. 

Saylor isn’t overly worried about Bitcoin’s immediate value and plays the long game when it comes to his Bitcoin investments. It’s probably easy for him to maintain that perspective because he firmly believes that the crypto coin will eclipse fiat currencies and even gold.

He has stated that Bitcoin will reach $1 million per coin by the end of the decade. If true, that would mean his current holdings would give him a financial worth in excess of $14 billion.

Michael Saylor Ethereum

Michael Saylor has a positive view of Ethereum and says it plays a different role than Bitcoin. According to him, Bitcoin is a digital property that can store value. Ether and Ethereum are more about using blockchain technology to disrupt traditional finance.

However, Saylor does not show nearly as much enthusiasm for Ethereum as he does for Bitcoin. That’s understandable, given that he has made so much money by purchasing Bitcoin. He sees a strategic value in Ethereum and says that some other coins could demonstrate positive uses. Still, Bitcoin remains his focus.

Michael Saylor Views On Altcoins

Michael Saylor does not have such a rosy view of altcoins, including popular options like Solana, Polkadot, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. He doesn’t invest in these altcoins. In fact, he has said that they will get crushed by Bitcoin.

Of course, it’s impossible to predict what cryptocurrencies will emerge over the next few decades. Government regulation, technological progress, and unknown factors could influence which altcoin reigns supreme. Considering Saylor’s experience in financial modeling, though, it seems like a good idea to heed his advice.

Altcoins might offer opportunities for short-term profits. The price of Dogecoin, for instance, can shift substantially just because someone like Elon Musk mentions it in a tweet or decides to let his company accept it as payment.

Bitcoin is very volatile, but it looks stable compared to many altcoins. It isn’t easy to take them seriously when their prices cannot stay within the same range for more than a few hours.

Michael Saylor’s Net Worth

It’s difficult to estimate any wealthy person’s net worth. With Michael Saylor, the task feels impossible. Some authorities put his net worth at $500 million. Others say he’s worth at least $2 billion.

Saylor’s Bitcoin investment adds difficulty to estimating his net worth. He could literally lose or make millions of dollars from a relatively small shift in the coin’s value. With a typical wealthy person, you have to consider the potential value of real estate, assets, and companies. You need to think about those things when calculating Saylor’s net worth, too. But then you need to add the ever-changing value of his Bitcoin holdings.

It seems fair to say that Saylor has amassed a net worth of at least $1 billion. Does he have $2 billion? Maybe, but that depends on many moving factors that are hard to keep up with. Does he have $500 million? He almost certainly has a net worth higher than that, considering that selling his Bitcoin at the right time could net him $1 billion. That doesn’t even include the value of his company, real property, and stocks.

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