How Did Scottie Scheffler Make His Money?

Scottie Scheffler has been recognized as one of the world’s top-performing professional golfers for two years.

In addition to his skills on the green, he’s known for his religious beliefs and humble personality.

Recently, Scheffler received unwanted attention when Louisville police arrested him at the Valhalla Golf Club. If you didn’t know him before the arrest, you’ve certainly seen his name plenty of times now.

How Did Scottie Scheffler Make His Money?

Scottie Scheffler makes his money by consistently proving he’s one of the world’s top golfers. He became the world’s top-ranked golfer in 2022, according to the Official World Golf Ranking. As of the end of May, he has held that position for over 80 weeks.

Scheffler has spent his entire professional life as a golfer, since joining the PGA shortly after earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas.

In 2019, he was designated the Korn Ferry Tour Player of the Year. In 2020, he tied for fourth place in the PGA Championship, and he was announced the 2019-2020 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year.

His performance at the PGA tournament earned him over half a million dollars.

It’s estimated that Scheffler has a net worth of $85 million. That would make him one of the world’s wealthiest golfers. Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are the only professional golfers with higher net worths. At just 27 years old, Scheffler probably has many opportunities to grow his worth and rival those players.

How Much Money Does Scottie Scheffler Make?

The amount of money Scottie Scheffler makes depends on his golfing performance. If he takes first place at a tournament, he will earn significantly more than if he comes in third or even lower.

PGA tournament purses can make competitive golfers quite wealthy. So far in 2024, Scheffler has collected:

Scheffler can even win large amounts of money when he doesn’t perform exceptionally well (at least for his standards). He tied for eighth place at the PGA Championship in Louisville, KY, and collected $521,417. First-place winner Xander Schauffele took home $3.33 million.

What Percentage Does Scottie Scheffler Pay His Caddie?

Scottie Scheffler hasn’t publicly divulged how much he pays his caddie. However, it’s standard for golfers to pay caddies 10% of winnings and an extra 5-7% depending on how well the golfer finishes. Ted Scott would also receive a retainer or weekly salary for his efforts.

Assuming Scheffler and Scott have an agreement close to the sport’s standards, Scott has earned about $1.8 million during the first half of 2024.

How Did Scottie Scheffler Meet His Caddie?

Scottie Scheffler met his caddie, Ted Scott, from a Bible-study class in New Orleans. Scott had previously worked with Bubba Watson, Paul Azinger, and Grant Waite.

Scott also worked as a golf instructor and online coach. When he met Scheffler, he was in the process of transitioning his career away from working as a caddie so he could concentrate on teaching.

Scheffler was impressed by Scott’s in-depth knowledge of golf. Just as importantly, he wanted to partner with a Christian who shared his beliefs.

When Scheffler approached Scott about the opportunity, Scott turned to his family for help making a decision. He says they spent a week praying on the decision. Scott and his family felt that he should accept Scheffler’s job opportunity. They have worked together ever since.

How Much Money Has Scottie Scheffler Made in 2024?

By the end of May, Scottie Scheffler had made about $19.2 million in 2024.

His estimated net worth comes to $85 million, about $60 million of which comes directly from tournaments.

He also earns money from endorsement deals with Nike, Titleist, and TaylorMade.

What Car Does Scottie Scheffler Drive?

You might expect a professional athlete worth $85 million to own several luxury cars. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Scheffler. In fact, he was driving a 2012 GMC Yukon when he won the 2022 Masters.

His father had given him the car when Scheffler attended the University of Texas. He says he likes how the car handles and he hasn’t had any maintenance issues.

Does Scottie Scheffler’s Wife Play Golf?

Scottie Scheffler’s wife, Meredith Scudder, doesn’t play golf in a serious way, but she’s certainly familiar with the game. She even served as Scheffler’s caddie during some Masters events in 2022.

Scheffler and Scudder started dating when they were in high school. They attended different universities but maintained their relationship. The couple were married in 2020 and have one child.

Scudder is an events manager in Dallas and serves on the boards of several nonprofit organizations.

What College Degree Did Scottie Scheffler Earn?

The University of Texas recruited Scottie Scheffler to play on the school’s golf team.

Scheffler majored in finance and graduated in 2018. During his tenure at the University of Texas, he was named the Phil Mickelson freshman of the year, helped his team win three Big 12 championships, and played on the team that won the 2017 Walker Cup.

Scheffler became a professional golfer within a year of his graduation.

How Did Scottie Scheffler Get Arrested?

Detective Bryan Gillis of the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) arrested Scottie Scheffler on May 17 near Louisville’s Valhalla Golf Club.

Detective Gillis charged Scheffler with several misdemeanors and second-degree assault of a police officer, a felony.

Gillis claims he arrested Scheffler after the golfer ignored traffic instructions. A fatal traffic accident forced the police to redirect traffic near Valhalla. Scheffler had a pass that would have typically allowed him to ignore traffic directions so he could enter the golf course and prepare for Round 2 of the PGA Tour.

LMPD is still investigating the situation, but it seems likely that Scheffler misunderstood the police officer’s instructions and didn’t know about the fatal accident.

When Scheffler continued driving, Detective Gillis attached himself to the vehicle. He was dragged a short distance and suffered minor injuries. Scheffler was taken to the police station but returned to Valhalla a few hours before his tee time.

Detective Gillis has faced abundant scrutiny following the incident. He violated LMPD procedure by failing to turn on his body camera.

A further review of his record shows a history of misbehavior. In 2013, he was suspended for five days when superiors claimed he was doing “donuts” with an intoxicated civilian in a business’s parking lot.

He has also been suspended or reprimanded for other behaviors, including a 2021 incident when Gillis pursued a vehicle driven by someone who hadn’t committed a felony and didn’t have a warrant for his arrest.

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