How Did Pierre Poilievre Make His Money?

Pierre Poilievre has been involved in politics for most of his life. He formed political ideals early on and has worked toward integrating those ideals into Canadian culture. He has been a member of Parliament since his first election in 2004.

Pierre Poilievre’s Early Life

Pierre Poilievre has an interesting origin that sets him apart from most millionaires. Born in 1979, his biological parents put him up for adoption and taken in by two teachers who lived in a Calgary suburb. The family enjoyed a stable household but didn’t have much money so Pierre contributed by delivering newspapers.

As a youth, he had been an enthusiastic wrestler until he got injured at just 14 years old. This forced him to explore other athletics. Curious about whether he would enjoy politics, he attended a riding event hosted by Alberta Tory, a local branch of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The meeting exposed Poilievre to ideas that would significantly shape his political views. He learned about the libertarian writing of thinkers like Milton Friedman.

Poilievre started canvassing and raising money for the Reform Party, a conservative populist party that evolved into the Canadian Alliance. He also joined the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, a center-right group that was active in the region until 2020.

At 17, Poilievre became a Reform Party delegate for the 1996 national convention.

How Much Money Does Poilievre Make?

Parliament voted in April 2024 to increase federal salaries by 4.4%.

As Opposition Leader, Pierre Poilievre earns $299,900 per year.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earns $406,200 a year.

Where Did Pierre Poilievre Go to College?

Pierre Poilievre attended the University of Calgary, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations.

In 2002, he left school to focus on campaign work for the Canadian Alliance Party. After serving Stockwell Day as an advisor, Poilievre returned to school and completed his degree requirements in 2008.

During his first attempt at earning a degree, the University of Calgary canceled events Poilievre and other conservative students put together. This led to a protest against the student union, which Poilievre believed was aligned with the liberal government.

Poilievre wrote an essay titled “Building Canada Through Freedom” that earned him a $10,000 prize and an internship at Magna International.

Pierre Poilievre’s Political Career

Pierre Poilievre started his political career before he finished college. In 2004, he secured a nomination from the Conservative Party to run against incumbent David Pratt, a member of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Pratt had won the Parliament seat twice and held a cabinet position. Despite these advantages, Poilievre won the contest and joined the Canadian Parliament when he was 25 years old., making him the youngest MP in the House of Commons.

As Poilievre continued to win elections and gain power, he became a more prominent member of the federal government. His roles have included:

  • Minister of Employment and Social Development
  • Minister of State for Social Reform
  • Parliamentary Secretary
  • Opposition MP
  • Shadow Minister

Poilievre became the Leader of the Opposition in 2022.

What Are Pierre Poilievre’s Prominent Political Positions?

Pierre Poilievre is often referred to as a libertarian and a populist. However, some of his positions as a conservative Canadian might surprise conservatives in other parts of the world, including the United States. For example, Poilievre supports immigration and reproductive rights.

Labor Policies

Poilievre has voted against increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. He has also encouraged Canadian politicians to embrace “right-to-work” laws.

Right-to-work laws within this context do not represent the right to work as an international human right. Instead, they prohibit unions from forcing employees from paying dues, even when the unions represent their interests and provide services.


Poilievre supports a public healthcare system and believes in funding Canada’s system.

He argues, however, that the current government led by Justin Trudeau has overspent in other areas.

He believes the federal government should reduce spending in those areas and redirect those funds to healthcare.


Poilievre has sided against same-sex marriage, offering civil unions as an alternative. He also believes Canada’s healthcare system shouldn’t spend money on sex reassignment surgery.

Poilievre has expressed his belief that there are two genders, male and female. And he says he supports the existence of exclusively female spaces that aren’t open to males.

At the same time, he says all people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, should live free from bigotry.


Poilievre describes himself as “pro-immigration.” He sees immigration as a way to keep families together, protect refugees, and meet Canada’s labor needs. He does, however, take a strong stance against undocumented immigration.

Climate Change Policy

Poilievre wants to end Canada’s carbon tax because he believes it contributes to economic inflation. He does believe Canada’s government has a role to play in curbing the effects of climate change, though.

He would like to reach this goal by cutting red tape that delays projects like hydroelectric dams. Poilievre also wants to increase electric car production by making it easier for companies to mine materials like lithium and cobalt.

How Did Pierre Poilievre Make His Money?

Pierre Poilievre made his money forming a company called 3D Contact with his friend Jonathan Denis, who was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from 2008 to 2012. Denis went on to become Minister of Justice, Solicitor General, Attorney General, and Provincial Secretary Alberta from 2012 to 2015. 

Pierre Poilievre has spent his entire adult life in politics, so he hasn’t had much time to form business interests. 

More recently, Poilievre has criticized corporate lobbyists, calling them “useless.” His 2024 campaign has concentrated on speaking directly to voters instead of attending business luncheons to raise money. He has also distanced himself from corporate support as he seeks to increase his populist appeal.

Who Is Anaida Galindo Poilievre?

Anaida “Ana” Poilievre (born Anaida Galindo) is the wife of Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre.

She was born in Venezuela and moved to Montreal with her family when she was eight years old. Anaida Poilievre co-founded the online magazine Pretty & Smart Co in 2019.

She and Pierre Poilievre were married in Sintra, Portugal, in 2017. They have two children.

What Is Pierre Poilievre’s Net Worth?

Estimates of Pierre Poilievre’s net worth vary significantly. Some believe that he has a net worth of about $3 million, while others put the amount as high as $25 million.

While there are disagreements about his net worth, records show that he and his family own property in Greely, Ontario, and Orleans, Ontario. The Orleans property is a rental managed by his wife, Anaida.

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