Coffeezilla’s Net Worth: How Much Does the YouTuber Have?

Who Is Coffeezilla (Real Name)? Coffeezilla is the YouTube name of Stephen Findeisen. Findeisen started the Cofeezilla channel on August 3, 2018. Since then, the channel has attracted more than 1.3 million subscribers.

Its most popular video, NEVER Pitch a Pyramid Scheme on Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den, has been watched about 5.3 million times. Dozens of other Coffeezilla videos have been watched more than 1 million times each.

Findeisen tends to release two videos per week. Videos range from 5 minutes to more than half an hour long. Some of his most in-depth videos are only a little under 60 minutes long.

Findeisen first became aware of scams while still in high school. After his mother was diagnosed with cancer, unethical individuals and companies started selling her snake oil treatments. His mother fell for the scams and wasted money pursuing them. She eventually recovered, but she lost a lot of money on ineffective treatments from sellers outside of the medical community.

After graduating from college with a degree in chemical engineering, Findeisen dedicated some of his spare time to making videos debunking pop-science and time-management fads. Over time, he started to focus more on specific frauds and scammers.

Coffeezilla YouTube Channel Focus

The Coffeezilla YouTube channel focuses on exposing scams and fake gurus who use false advertising to trick desperate people. Recently, he has exposed and spread awareness about cryptocurrency and NFT (non-fungible token) scams.

Some videos from 2022 cover topics like:

  • Why the FTX Crypto Exchange collapsed.
  • Getting sued by a crypto millionaire
  • Failed celebrity NFT collections
  • Billionaires fleeing their debts to live lives of luxury
  • Emerging scams and how they target people
  • The results of criminal investigations into scammers

The Coffeezilla channel also features:

  • Interviews
  • Debates
  • Music used in the Coffeezilla videos

Coffeezilla Crypto Scoops

Many of Cofeezilla’s videos uncover the misdeeds and ridiculous promises of self-titled financial gurus. He started interviewing people who had lost thousands of dollars to crypto scams.

The more he talked to people, the more he saw that the reality of crypto investing was the opposite of what gurus advertised. It wasn’t a great way to become rich. It was literally ruining lives.

Save the Kids

In 2021, Findeisen started investigating the Save the Kids crypto project. The project was supposed to raise money to help children by selling a crypto coin called “Save the Kids” ($KIDS).

Several influential internet personalities popularized Save the Kids and encouraged followers to invest. Some of the influencers involved included FaZe Kay and Joel Morris, both of whom were involved in Xcademy. Xcademy is an online training course that claims it prepares people to make money on YouTube.

Early investigators warned potential buyers that they were entering a scam designed to make Kay and others six-figure revenues. Coffeezilla provided some of the most compelling evidence. Eventually, the $KIDS promoters dumped their coins, causing the value to plummet rapidly. The coin became worthless within about a week.

As of December 31, 2021, Coffeezilla has posted eight YouTube videos about the topic. Some of the videos called out influencers by name and accused them of scamming investors.


Roobet is an online casino that accepts cryptocurrencies. This is a situation ripe for ripping people off by taking money from their accounts and rigging game results.

Coffeezilla released a six-part YouTube series about Roobet and the influencers the casino paid to promote it. In the fifth installment, Coffeezilla confronted social media influencer SteveWillDoIt (Stephen Deleonardis).

The final installment encouraged the FBI to get involved and investigate Roobet’s scams and the influencers who made the online casino seem like a safe place to have fun.


In 2021, Coffeezilla started investigating the cryptocurrency and blockchain company SafeMoon, which was being advertised as a secure investment and promoted by professional boxer Jake Paul. In May 2021, it reached a market cap of $10.9 billion. By October 2022, it had lost 85% of its value.

One of the problems with SafeMoon is that it may have used a ponzi scheme strategy to make early adopters believe they were seeing strong returns on their investments. Allegations state that the company was using some of the money from new investors to pay earlier investors.

In April 2022, Coffeezilla accused SafeMoon CEO John Karony of moving funds from the company’s liquidity pool into his personal account.

Coffeezilla was also able to track the SafeMoon account of YouTube personality Ben Phillips. Phillips exposed his account number on Twitter by asking fans to “buy him a coffee.” Although Phillips was promoting SafeMoon in his videos and on other social media platforms, he was secretly selling his assets in the business.

Several class-action lawsuits have since been filed about SafeMoon.

Is Coffeezilla Legit?

Coffeezilla has shown that he researches topics diligently before releasing videos that criticize scams and fake gurus. He has gained enough respectability that Rachel Monroe wrote a lengthy profile about him for the New Yorker.

That doesn’t mean viewers should automatically agree with what Coffeezilla posts on YouTube. Some of his videos include speculation. It’s always a good idea to think critically about what any social media star says before following their advice.

How Much Does Coffeezilla Make Per Day?

It’s difficult to know how much Coffeezilla makes per day because some of his videos receive significantly more views than others. YouTube pays content creators by advertising on their channels. When more people watch, creators earn more money.

Generally speaking, popular YouTube channels earn $2 to $12 per 1,000 views. Some experts following Coffeezilla and other YouTube stars estimate that Coffeezilla earns about $1,600 per day from video ads.

Coffeezilla also has a Patreon account that lets followers subscribe for premium content and other perks. Subscribing costs $5 per month. It’s unclear how many subscribers Coffeezilla has on Patreon.

Coffeezilla Net Worth

The statsmash website estimates that Coffeezilla has a net worth of about $476,000. Other estimates claim that he has a net worth closer to $600,000.

Again, it’s difficult to know how much money he makes because YouTube advertising payments vary and he has other sources of income.

How Rich Is Coffeezilla?

Coffeezilla isn’t rich by billionaire standards, but he has a comfortable amount of money for someone who has only been producing YouTube content since 2018. If he can continue growing his membership, he could make considerably more money over the next few years.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s unlikely that Coffeezilla wastes his money on internet scams that take advantage of so many people.

He has a natural curiosity that encourages him to learn more about “get rich quick” opportunities and “financial gurus.” That perspective makes it difficult to trick him into taking place in scams or paying for services from unqualified people.

Coffeezilla isn’t rich in the way that the Forbes Top 100 are rich. Given time, though, his work could turn him into a multi-millionaire without forcing him to violate his ethics.

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