What Is The Best Glass Quantum Battery Stock?

When we refer to the quantum battery, we are referencing a glass quantum battery, The technology, which promises better results in operating electric vehicles (EVs), also promises a future of excellent returns for investors.

Is the Quantum Glass Battery Real?

Although a recent discovery, the quantum glass battery is real. Researchers make them to solve two key operational problems for EVs: 

  1. Slow-charging and;
  2. Limited battery use. 

A co-inventor of the quantum glass battery, John B. Goodenough, also invented the lithium iron phosphate and lithium cobalt oxide materials used for the currently popular rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. He and University of Porto associate professor, Maria Braga, developed a battery that, unlike other batteries, does not require voltage to run. 

According to the online publication, The Driven, Professor Goodenough was also part winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work as co-inventor of the Li-ion battery, currently the primary power source used for EVs.

Using the new quantum glass battery shifts car manufacturers away from deploying the traditional combustion engine for powering vehicles. Not only do quantum glass batteries increase energy storage, they also clean up the air.

How the Glass Battery Works

This is how the glass battery, in basic terms works:

  • Scientists add lithium or sodium to the glass, which forms an electrode inside the battery. Scientists claim this upgrade provides triple the energy storage of Li-ion batteries.
  • The glass battery is not flammable and is safer, as it does not spark the growth of lithium dendrites associated with Li-ion batteries. The development of dendrites can trigger circuitry issues or lead to safety hazards.

The quantum glass battery was first described in a 2016 paper in the publication Energy and Environmental Science in 2016. Patent activation for the glass battery was initiated on April 8, 2020. 

Patenting the Glass Battery

The patent for the glass battery shares several features that will also cause investors to stand up and take notice, including:

  • Rechargeable batteries with glass offer a low-cost and safe easy to store a large amount of electrical energy.
  • The battery can feed off a grid or, through storage, supply electricity to an EV, as the temperature range for operating the battery can maintain lower limits at less expense.

By using the glass battery, it is feasible to operate an EV through portable recharging in a broad range of temperatures.

The emergence of the quantum glass battery can assist in producing EVs that can be competitively priced with cars featuring internal combustion engines.

Co-inventor Goodenough added that the battery could store wind or solar power in the electric grid. Results from initial testing of the battery also show thousands of discharge and charge cycles – well over the 2,000 cycles normally achieved by lithium iron phosphate designed batteries.

Now that you know the marvels of the quantum glass battery, you, no doubt, will want to know the best quantum battery stock to buy.

What Company Makes the New Quantum Battery?

Samsung is a leader in the making of the quantum glass battery.

Its groundbreaking solutions for powering EVs has made it a current trailblazer in the field.

Does Panasonic Make Quantum Batteries?

Panasonic has also thrown its hat into the ring for making future supplies of quantum glass batteries. It currently has contracts in place to develop the technology.

What Are the Best Battery Stocks to Buy?

Panasonic (PCRFY)

While Panasonic does not devote itself entirely to EV battery production, it has announced an alignment with EV manufacturer, Tesla (TSLA). The company will produce Li-ion battery cells for the next decade and serve as a key supporter for making Tesla’s next-gen affordable “long-distance” battery. 

Panasonic will partner with Toyota (TM) to make prismatic batteries and that the electronics business has produced visual methods for assessing Li-ion attributes in real time for solid-state batteries, all good reasons to place this stock on your quantum glass battery stock watch list.

Albemarle (ALB)

Albemarle (ALB) features all the ingredients needed for creating glass batteries and supporting EV manufacturing. The company is one of the biggest miners of lithium – Albemarle produces about 20% of the lithium in the sector.

Its experience in making solid-state batteries gives the company the know-how required to produce next-generation Li-ion batteries and quantum glass batteries.

Albemarle currently has several patents for materials that can be used in battery production and related activities. Sources add that Albemarle anticipates it will produce a large quantity of lithium hydroxide in the future.

The company’s glass enterprise can support broad applications – not just the making of EV batteries.For any investor seeking an excellent return in the long run, Albemarle appears to be a good stock pick.

Samsung SDI (SSDIY)

During March 2020, Samsung introduced its solid-state battery technology – a debut that highlighted a battery that could fuel an EV to run 800 kilometers on one charge. The model battery, which features a cycle of 1,000+ charges, is half as light as Li-ion batteries.

Samsung already supplies ESS batteries to EV giant Tesla (TSLA). Because of Samsung’s innovative techniques and vision, the market growth for Samsung looks excellent.

Besides Tesla, Hyundai Motor also revealed, in January 2021 that it chose Samsung among its candidates for future battery supplies, yet another reason to place your confidence in this stock selection. 

To make the distinction, Samsung SDI operates out of South Korea, and belongs to the Samsung Electronics group. It supplies most products to Samsung’s group of companies.

What Is the Best Quantum Battery Stock?

Samsung stands out as number one, from all indications, as the current stock to choose for investing and the best quantum battery stock to buy. Samsung SDI Is rated very highly in the worldwide EV battery niche.

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