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Nobody needs another email in their inbox, especially one about stocks you don’t care about.

But what if you could receive an update ONLY on the stocks you care about.

What if you could see every day that stocks you care about change from Buy to Sell ratings?

What if you could see the odds of your stock falling Off of a cliff was REALLY HIGH?

Wouldn’t that be valuable?

That’s why we created the Financhill Watchlist tool and accompanying newsletter.

Watchlist is as simple as it sounds. Enter your list of stocks you want to keep an eye on and we’ll keep track of them in real time.

The difference with Financhill is that we’ll show you at-a-glance data for your watchlist that includes our Stock Score, predicted Seasonality moves and more.

No more wondering if a stock is about to kick off a huge bull run OR on the verge of crashing.

You can set alerts for stocks by price or by calendar. And you can sort your watchlist by stock name, price, Stock Score, Stock Rating, and Seasonality move.

So You Can See WHICH Stocks in your Custom Watchlist Are set to SOAR and CRASH next.

You can also save multiple lists. For example, I currently have a few Watchlists saved. One for my current portfolio that I update as I buy or sell stocks. I have another list that is simply a list of about 20 stocks that I like to keep an eye on whether I own them or not. And last I have a list set up with current trading ideas.

With Financhill it’s easy to add a stock to your Watchlist from any of the other tools.

Let's say you’ve just run a Seasonality Screen and you want to save a stock to your trading ideas watchlist. Simply click to add to watchlist, select the appropriate list and that's it!

It’s as simple a one-click to add stocks to your Watchlist.

And like magic, you’ll get an email delivered to you with updates as often as you wish: daily, weekly, or monthly.

It’s just one more reason our thousands of members love us and stay with us year after year. We help to make better traders and investors.

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