One Sizzling Hot Stock This Summer

Forget about the song, the movie, or the television show of the summer: It’s time to turn your attention to the stock of the summer.

Of course, with thousands of companies being publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), it’s going to take more than just a quick glance at the latest stock prices in order to determine which company is going to be the most lucrative for retail investors and traders throughout this summer season.

After all, this isn’t about meme stocks or making a quick buck through day trading or anything like that. This is about the one stock that’s already shown plenty of promise over the past few months and is poised to continue growing in value throughout the next few months. The company’s name is Apollo Medical Holdings (AMEH), and it’s well worth your attention right now.

Commonly abbreviated as ApolloMed, the company develops innovative software and technology for healthcare professionals and patients. The way its stock has been performing on the NYSE, it’s ranked among the most sizzling hot stocks right now.

What Is The Highest AMEH Stock Has Ever Been?

Here’s one of the most alluring aspects of Apollo Medical stock: Each new day seems to be setting a new high for the company’s stock.

While the price per share hovered around the upper $20s for the tail end of 2017 and the first half of 2018, setting the previous high of $30 in June of 2018, Apollo Medical only continues to journey upward these days — now, that $30 high looks paltry compared to the price per share today.

The start of 2021 seems to be the real turning point for the company: While the price per share stayed around the $17-$19 mark for quite some time, as soon as January of 2021 rolled around, the price for Apollo Medical stock started shooting upward.

It’s now sitting at a record high for the company, just over $110 per share. While this is the highest it’s ever been today, there’s no telling what that high will look like next month (or even next week, for that matter).

Apollo Medical Analyst Price Targets

Because Apollo Medical is soaring on the New York Stock Exchange as of late, it’s hard for experts to pinpoint exactly where the stock is going to go from here.

Just a couple of months ago, it seemed like the best-case scenario for Apollo Medical would be to hit $100 a share by June of 2022 — Today, in the summer of 2021, Apollo Medical has already exceeded that mark (and then some).

While it’s just as possible for Apollo Medical to continue to blow past expectations, a reasonable price target for the next twelve months for Apollo Medical stock would be around $140 per share, with that number rising to over $300 in the next five years.

How High Can Apollo Medical Stock Go?

If everything continues to go well for Apollo Medical stock, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for it to once again surpass any and all expectations and soar past that $140 mark.

Based on the past twelve years of stock performance and the historical accuracy of the company’s rise in stock price, it’s very possible that Apollo Medical could be resting around the $185 dollar mark this time next year (or higher, potentially).

The company has continued to show promising growth year in and year out since making its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, and it’s hard to imagine this changing anytime soon, even with its bullish performance lately.

What Can Stop Apollo Medical Stock?

There are all sorts of risks and potential holdups that Apollo Medical might have to face off against in the foreseeable future, and any one of these (or, possibly, a combination of them) could pose a serious threat for the company’s stock.

This includes the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and its long-term impact on the healthcare industry, the need to earn additional capital in order to grow the company which can often prove to be difficult, and the potential for healthcare laws to change that negatively impacts the way Apollo Medical does business.

None of these risks are insignificant, and all have the potential to seriously hinder Apollo Medical stock from performing as well as it has been in recent months.

Is Apollo Medical a High Risk Stock?

Despite all these risk factors and the bullish nature of the stock itself, Apollo Medical stock remains a relatively moderate risk. For instance, the price per share is higher than it has ever been in the company’s history, but the number isn’t so high that it could create some serious problem for retail investors and traders.

Of course, moderate risk is not the same as saying low risk. Think of it like a stoplight: Moderate risk is equivalent to a yellow light, which means that it’s smart to proceed with caution, regardless of if you’re buying, selling, or holding your Apollo Medical stock.

Is Apollo Medical Stock Overvalued?

In the less than nine months since December of 2020, Apollo Medical’s market cap has risen from $640 million to $6.2 billion — that’s a growth of nearly ten times.

Because the company’s price per share continues to rise ever higher with each passing day, it’s not so easy to label Apollo Medical overvalued.

However, some pessimists continue to insist that the company’s stock has a fair value that’s a fraction of the price per share today: Somewhere in the $30-40 range.

In the opinion of these detracting experts, this makes ApolloMed appear overvalued for sure. Alas, they are undoubtedly in the minority, and Apollo Medical’s valuation continues to be considered fair by most.

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