How Much Does It Cost To Commute?

How much does it cost to run your vehicle each day? You might think about the cost of gas to and from work but what other costs should you be thinking about?

Depending on how many days a week you commute to work, you might be surprised to discover the precise cost of your daily commute.

After all, it’s not just gas but the cost of car insurance, car repayments, registration fees, parking costs, and other costs.

But how much does it all add up to over years?

You could pull out a pen and paper to do the calculation yourself or you could simply check out this cost commuting calculator that will give you a quick insight.

Of course, if you are driving a Tesla or some other electric vehicle you might find that gas costs disappear but some other costs need to be factored in and you may even get tax credits to offset your purchase.

For most everyone else, the calculator will be a great way to ballpark estimate the running cost of owning a car.

Plus, you get to see the cost of commuting as it relates to your wages – the answer may come as a surprise!