How Did Patrick Bet David Make His Money?

An inspiring entrepreneur without a wealthy background, Patrick Bet-David has become a popular YouTube star, podcaster, and motivational speaker.

How did he manage to accumulate millions of dollars? The young business leader has worked hard to get where he is. 

Patrick Bet-David: Before The Fame

Patrick Bet-David was born in Tehran, Iran. His family fled when he was 10 years old to escape the Iranian Revolution. They relocated to Germany and later moved to the United States. When Bet-David reached adulthood, he joined the military and served his country for six years.

After his time in the military, he devoted much of his time to pursuing business interests and finance. He learned essential business and finance skills while working with Morgan Stanley and Transamerica Corporation.

He also started writing books that helped other people find business success. A combination of media and thriving businesses made him a famous influencer.  

How Is Patrick Bet-David So Rich?

Several factors have contributed to Patrick Bet-David’s financial success. His ability to communicate with diverse groups of people is one of those factors.

PDB has always had a talent for inspiring people. He has used his skills to write books, recruit members to PHP Agency, interview celebrities, and attract large crowds eager to learn from his business experience.

Patrick also benefits from a restless nature. He isn’t comfortable following the status quo. He constantly looks for new ways to start and grow businesses. When an opportunity arises, he finds a unique way to turn it into a success.

It also helps that Patrick Bet-David’s first business, PHP Agency, continuously earns him money. As the founder and CEO, he profits from the business’s growth. At this point, the agency has its own identity.

Many people become agents because they want to join a successful company. Not all of them join because they want to follow in PBD’s footsteps. Still, the growth earns him larger amounts of money.

That money gives him the freedom to pursue other interests. Without a reliable source of income, he might not have had as many opportunities to establish himself as a speaker, writer, and interviewer.

How Did Patrick Bet-David Start His Company?

Patrick Bet-David started PHP Agency by convincing 65 other life insurance agents to join him in a unique enterprise. The company uses online technology to educate and train new agents.

This approach appeals to many people, especially those who haven’t had many educational opportunities. Instead of spending a lot of money on college, they can earn money while working with PHP Agency.

Other life insurance agents recognized the enormous benefit of this strategy, so they chipped in to help PBD build a successful business. 

What Is Patrick Bet-David’s Company?

Patrick Bet-David is best known for starting two companies: PGP Agency and Valuetainment.

Valuetainment is likely the more popular of the businesses because it releases videos that manage to educate while entertaining audiences. PHP Agency, however, likely generates more profits than Valuetainment.

PHP Agency is a financial services marketing company founded by Patrick Bet-David in 2009. It offers a variety of products and services, including life insurance. The company focuses on bringing financial products and financial literacy education to historically underserved communities.

To reach these goals, it uses technology to teach diverse agents how to succeed at selling life insurance and similar products. PHP Agency currently has more than 27,000 agents and has served nearly half a million families.

PHP Agency has a strong commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). The company’s agents prove this commitment. More than 50% of agents identify as women. About 42% of agents are Latino or Hispanic. Nearly 33% are Black.

Patrick Bet-David Valuetainment

Valuetainment is a media company that started as a YouTube channel. Patrick started the channel in 2013. At the time, its videos largely focused on Bet-David.

It didn’t take long before he decided to pivot toward more diverse topics. He began interviewing highly successful people, including entrepreneurs, business leaders, and sports stars. Anyone who could offer insight into how they beat the odds to build wildly fulfilling lives.

As of mid-2023, the Valuetainment YouTube channel has released about 2,500 videos and attracted 4.57 million followers. It’s an influential channel among entrepreneurs and those who want to become more financially successful.

Patrick Bet-David has grown Valuetainment beyond YouTube. Today, it includes exclusive member content. Much of the content teaches members how to become more successful entrepreneurs.

Courses within Valuetainment University include Advanced Business Strategy, Sales Systems, Public Speaking, and Strategy Sessions. 

What Did Patrick Bet-David Study?

Bet-David has a lifelong interest in bodybuilding. This interest encouraged him to study nutrition. He attended Santa Monica Community College, where he earned a degree in nutrition. 

Many people probably assume that PBD studied finance, economics, or business management. In reality, he has always felt that it’s best to learn from experience.

He built his success on what he learned from failures and achievements in the business world.

How Did Patrick Bet-David Make His Money?

Patrick Bet-David has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As a child, he made money cleaning swimming pools in his neighborhood. After serving in the U.S. Army, he moved to California with dreams of becoming a movie star.

That fad didn’t last long, though. While dating a woman who works at an investment bank, PBD started thinking about possibilities outside of Hollywood. He decided he would have better chances in the world of finance, so he redirected his energy from acting to finance.

He got started at Morgan Stanley, which agreed to hire him despite not having a college diploma. His military service, charisma, and knack for numbers impressed the company enough to bring him aboard as a Financial Advisor.

When he got the job at Morgan Stanley in 2001, he probably earned a salary of about $65,000 (about $112,000 in 2023 dollars). He earned a good living, but he wasn’t going to get rich working at Morgan Stanley.

He left Morgan Stanley for Transamerica, where he sold insurance policies. He stayed at Transamerica for eight years. During this time, he learned an impressive amount about insurance and finance. He also honed his communication skills by talking to colleagues, investors, and potential clients. 

Finally prepared to become an entrepreneur, he used his hard-earned knowledge to form PHP Agency. PHP Agency grew quickly, which provided enough money for him to explore other interests.

With millions in annual income, he redirected his attention to Valuetainment, a company media company that taught important lessons in entertaining ways. With some encouragement from friends, he leveraged social media — especially YouTube — to reach a broad audience. 

The first year of Valuetainment YouTube videos focused on Patrick Bet-David’s ideas and success stories. He then realized he could make the channel more compelling by bringing on new voices. He started interviewing business leaders, athletes, and other successful people.

Now, he had a channel that earned ad revenue and marketed his other products. He was able to turn the YouTube channel into a recruitment platform for Valuetainment University. This combination of synergistic strategies has made PBD a multimillionaire.

Patrick Bet-David Net Worth

People following Patrick Bet-David’s career estimate that his net worth is about $200 million. That money comes from his companies, YouTube channel, books, and speaking fees.

Patrick Bet-David is still in his 40s, so he probably has decades ahead of him. That means ample time to develop new ideas, start new companies, and grow his media empire. Assuming he continues to enjoy a similar level of success as in the past, he could double or even triple his current net worth in his lifetime.

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