How Did Moira Forbes Make Her Money?

Moira Forbes is a fourth-generation member of the Forbes publishing family. She was born in 1979 and moved from New Jersey to Delaware to attend St. Andrew’s School, a prestigious and selective boarding school, in grades 9 through 12.

Other St. Andrew’s alumni you might have heard of include folk musician Loudon Wainwright, Olympic Gold Medalist Dominic Seiterle, and diplomat Hume Horan.

After finishing her primary education, she enrolled at Princeton University, where she studied art history and graduated at the top of her class. She also attended the Program for Leadership Development at Harvard University. 

With her education completed, Moira moved to London to work in Forbes Media’s European marketing division.

Following two years in marketing, she moved to New York City to become the Associate Publisher of Forbes Life, the lifestyle publication from Forbes Media LLC.

Moira Forbes has since founded ForbesWomen, a digital platform that promotes female entrepreneurs. She also writes columns for Forbes magazine and manages Success with Moira Forbes on the Forbes Video Network.

In 2009, she founded the Forbes Executive Women’s Board, a group dedicated to promoting women in business and sustainable business practices.

As a member of the Forbes family, Moira belongs to a long lineage of writers and business professionals. Her grandfather, an economist and columnist, provided the capital to start Forbes. The ongoing success of Forbes as a print magazine and digital platform has helped support Moira Forbes’s ambitions in the industry.

Is Moira Forbes Related To Steve Forbes?

Yes, Moira Forbes is the daughter of Steve Forbes, the grandson of Forbes founder B.C. Forbes.

Steve is the current editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine. He has a considerable stake in the Forbes publishing empire, but he sold some of his shares to fund two Republican primary campaigns for president.

He hasn’t been successful in elective politics, but he has worked as an advisor for several conservative politicians, including John McCain. 

Moira is also involved in Forbes publishing. She has worked for the European version of Forbes, the Forbes Life lifestyle magazine, and ForbesWoman, which publishes issues on a quarterly basis.

How Did Moira Forbes Make Her Money?

Moira Forbes makes her money as a journalist and publisher. After attending St. Andrews School and earning a BA cum laude from Princeton University, she took a role within the Forbes media empire.

She began by taking a job in London, where she led the European Forbes publication. In 2009, she formed ForbesWomen to concentrate on issues relevant to women in business.

Some critics assume that Moira Forbes has her position within the Forbes media company because of her family connections. While it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s the daughter of the company’s editor-in-chief, she has worked her way through several positions within the publishing business.

(It’s also important to note that none of her four siblings have leadership roles within Forbes Media. She’s the only one of Steve Forbes’ daughters mentioned by name on his online profiles.) 

For example, she moved to London at the beginning of her career to work within the magazine’s European publication. It took several years before she had enough clout within Forbes Media LLC to start ForbesWomen

Currently, Moira Forbes serves as the executive vice president of Forbes Media LLC and is also the president and publisher of ForbesWomen.

Moira Forbes’s ForbesWomen

ForbesWomen is an online magazine started by Moira Forbes and Forbes Media LLC in 2009.

Forbes also publishes a print version of ForbesWomen four times per year. The online magazine updates much more frequently, usually adding at least one article to its homepage each day. 

Moira started ForbesWomen to create an outlet focused on highly influential women changing the world through private enterprise.

It has since expanded to include more diverse topics, such as the role women play in the workforce, entrepreneurial ideas that appeal to women in business, and social issues involving women. 

Forbes subscribers have online unlimited access to ForbesWomen while those without subscriptions can read a limited number of articles per month.

What Is Success with Moira Forbes?

Success with Moira Forbes is a video publication owned by the Forbes publishing company and run by Moira, who started the video interview series in 2009.

Moira uses her platform to interview prominent women in business, entertainment, and government. Guests who have appeared in the series include Jessica Simpson, Nancy Pelosi, Aidy Bryant, Oprah Winfrey, and NASDAQ CEO Adena Friedman.

Forbes Video Network publishes Success with Moira Forbes on a biweekly schedule. New episodes are uploaded to the website and made available to subscribers. Potential subscribers can view a limited number of episodes before committing to a membership plan.

Does Moira Forbes Have Children?

Yes, Moira Forbes and her husband, Australian-born surgeon John Anderson, have two children.

The couple was married in 2008 and family primarily lives in New York City, where Moira and John work.

Who Owns Forbes?

B.C. Forbes and Walter Drey founded Forbes in 1917. Members of the Forbes family retained ownership of the publishing business until 2006, when it sold a minority share to the investment company Elevation Group. The company restructured after the sale and changed its name to Forbes Media LLC.

In 2013, Forbes Media LLC began searching for a buyer. The Forbes family purchased the minority shares from Elevation Group and sold 51% of the company’s total shares to Integrated Whale Media Investments, an investment group based in Hong Kong.

Today, Integrated Whale Media Investments owns 95% of the shares. The Forbes family owns the remaining 5% of shares.

Is Moira Forbes Rich?

Most people would consider Moira Forbes rich because she almost certainly has a net worth of over $1 million and has significant social capital that could give her access to high-earning career options.

The word “rich,” however, is relative. While the average person would want to reach her level of wealth, the world’s wealthiest individuals have net values far exceeding hers.

According to the real-time list of billionaires published by Forbes, Elon Musk has a net worth of $242 billion. That would make him at least 40 billion times wealthier than Moira Forbes!

Moira Forbes Net Worth

As a private citizen, Moira Forbes doesn’t have to release her tax documents or other financial information, which makes it difficult to determine her net worth. However, experts who follow her career believe she has a net worth of about $5 million. Others put the value closer to $1.5 million.

Regardless, she’s almost certainly a millionaire who earns money from her publishing endeavors, other work as a journalist, and a small stake in Forbes Media LLC.

Depending on the number of shares Moira Forbes owns in Forbes Media LLC, the company’s financial success could contribute to her growing net worth. Forbes’s profitability has improved in recent years. Documents shared by the company show that grew by 40% between 2020 and 2021.

The company embraces emerging technologies to reach an audience that increasingly prefers digital media over more traditional print media. If it can maintain these trends, Moira Forbes should see her wealth grow. 

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