How Did Alex Hormozi Make His Money?

Alex Hormozi doesn’t look like the typical millionaire. He’s a muscular, burly man often seen wearing baseball caps and flannel shirts. If you met him at a cocktail party, you might peg him as a charismatic fitness instructor or maybe even a carpenter who chops down his own trees for lumber.

Even if you determine that he’s socked away a good nest egg for himself, you would probably be a little surprised when someone later tells you he’s a multimillionaire who has built several successful businesses.

Who is this interesting character? And how did Alex Hormozi make his money?

When Did Alex Hormozi Become Rich?

Alex attended Vanderbilt University, where it only took him three years to earn a BS in Human & Organizational Development.

After graduating, he joined a strategy firm and worked as a business consultant. He would meet with business owners struggling to grow their companies. After analyzing everything from financials to employee morale, he would develop strategic plans for making client businesses more successful.

Regular employment didn’t suit Alex Hormozi, though. He wanted the freedom to pursue bigger ideas without getting approval from his managers. He set out on his own. Within two years, he developed a plan that involved heading to California and establishing his own fitness center.

Suddenly, those chiseled looks make a lot of sense!

Alex Hormozi opened his gym and worked hard to build its brand reputation. He nearly went bankrupt in his mid-20s. But that’s a common story for people focused on business success and willing to risk it all.

What’s less common is that he managed to use his experience as a business strategist to turn everything around. He opened more locations and attracted the attention of buyers. He soon sold the gyms and used the influx of cash to start a new, even more successful business called Gym Launch.

This is when Alex Hormozi became rich.

What Gym Did Alex Hormozi Sell?

Hormozi sold all six locations of United Fitness in 2016. He rolled the money into a startup called Gym Launch. Gym Launch still operated in the fitness industry, but it didn’t offer fitness services to customers. Instead, it helped independent gym owners grow their brands, turn more leads into paying customers, and generate more income.

Two years later, in 2019, he started a supplement business named Prestige Labs. The company sold supplement products directly to the fitness centers working with Gym Launch. It helped gyms and Hormozi generate more income.

Later, Gym Launch would come to serve about 4,500 gyms around the world. He sold controlling interest in Gym Launch and Prestige Labs in 2021. He still owns 44% of the companies.

How Much Does Alex Hormozi Make in a Year?

Starting Gym Launch is just the beginning of Alex Hormozi’s rise to financial success. He also started a software company called ALAN that expanded his reach from the fitness industry to brick-and-mortar stores. The software made it cheaper and easier for businesses of all sizes to boost sales. He also sold a majority of ALAN’s shares in 2021.

What does a man do after selling three successful businesses? He founds a new one, of course!

In 2020, Hormozi founded After selling his other businesses, he had more time to focus on Acquisition.

He has often said that it helps that his wife is his business partner. Actually, the two have been working together from the beginning. She helped start him grow United Fitness. After selling the regional chain of fitness centers, she stayed on to work with Gym Launch and Prestige Labs. Now, the married couple started using their business knowledge to make other companies successful.

Interestingly, the couple says that they started as business partners. Romance developed between them over time. Now, they’re partners in business and life.

At its heart, is a venture capital company committed to helping startups grow beyond $100 million.

Unlike what the name might suggest, Acquisition doesn’t actually buy businesses. Instead, it acts as a partner that shows other businesses how to succeed. It promises its partners can triple their revenues within five years.

It’s estimated that Alex Hormozi makes about $15 million per year. When you include the value of his businesses, though, he has a net worth well over $100 million.

Does Alex Hormozi Have a Degree?

Yes, Alex Hormozi earned a BS in Human & Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.

In fact, he finished school early by completing the program in three instead of four years.

How Did Leila Hormozi Make Money?

Leila Hormozi was destined for success years before she met her husband, Alex. She moved to Orange County, CA in 2015 to grow her career as a personal trainer. Within one year, she became the region’s top-selling trainer. Her hard work, personal touch, and ingenuity made her stand out among her peers. When people in Orange County wanted to get in shape, they went to Leila.

Alex and Leila met sometime in 2016. He was already working on United Fitness and wanted to expand it into a franchise. She started accompanying him on business trips. Her insights made her an indispensable business partner. It took Alex and Leila about four years to start Gym Launch and partner with more than 4,000 locations. She played a critical role in that success.

During those years, Leila Hormozi founded at least three other businesses. She saw opportunities everywhere she looked, which led her to start and scale businesses in software, e-commerce, and retail.

When she and Alex founded, she was overseeing about $85 million in revenues across various companies. That doesn’t even include the revenue from

Alex Hormozi’s Net Worth

It’s always difficult to measure the net worth of a wealthy person. It’s even more difficult when that person has stakes in multiple companies and is married to someone who also earns a lot of money.

Many experts who follow Hormozi’s career say he became a millionaire at 23 years old. They also estimate that he has a net worth of about $100 million as of 2023.

Since Hormozi still maintains stakes in his earlier businesses, he continues earning money from their success. He probably owns somewhere between 30% and 40% of his fitness and software businesses. It isn’t all free money, though. He remains active as a board member for Gym Launch, Prestige Labs, and ALAN.

How Did Alex Hormozi Make His Money?

Alex Hormozi has several revenue streams. He continues earning money from businesses he formed after college, including United Fitness, Gym Launch, and Prestige Labs.

Hormozi has also written three books: Gym Launch Secrets, $100M Offers: How to Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No, and $100M Leads: How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Stuff.

Alex Hormozi also earns media from his social media channels, including a YouTube channel with more than 1.32 million subscribers. He tends to release about one video per week. His most popular video, Get RICH in the A.I. Revolution, has received about 2.7 million views. Many of his other videos have been watched more than 900,000 times.

It’s unclear how much money he earns from his social media channels. In addition to earning ad revenue, many of his videos direct viewers to Hormozi’s books and businesses. The videos, therefore, also act as advertisements that might contribute to the success of his other business ventures.

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