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Financhill Review: Stock Analysis Made Simple

Financhill Review: It’s no secret that investing in the stock market is a critical component of any wealth-building strategy.

All over the world, entrepreneurs and innovators are coming up with new and better ways to solve global problems, from the basics – like keeping the lights on – to cutting-edge cybersecurity, breakthrough medical therapies, and the most advanced technology ever seen. When these companies go public, investors have an opportunity to share in the profits.

The challenge for investors is choosing the companies that are most likely to return shareholder value. At one time, the only way to get sound analysis and make trades was through a pricey personal investment advisor. Today, a long list of online brokers have opened the world of trading up to average people, and its possible to execute your own trades for a small fee.

There is one drawback to the online brokerage trend: many of these services don’t typically offer the sort of high-quality stock analysis tools needed to make smart decisions. For that, investors have to go elsewhere. Often, they subscribe to costly stock reporting services, but Financhill has committed to a different model.

Instead of charging high prices for rudimentary stock analysis tools, Financhill offers a comprehensive selection of financial tools and in-depth reports at a fraction of what its competitors charge. In short, the service gives users access to stock market tools that helps them make more informed decisions about which stocks to trade – and when to execute those trades.

The Financhill mission statement is simple: “To provide world class stock ratings, financial analysis, and simple visual data interpretation for all: from professional traders to novice investors. We continuously expand the capabilities of Financhill to empower better investment decisions.”

That means the service is as committed to those investors just starting out in the market as it is to experienced traders.

Get Access to Evidence-Based Stock Information

Some may be surprised to learn that Wall Street analysts don’t always calculate their ratings based solely on business data.

Industry research has shown that stock analysts may skew their ratings towards “Buy” or “Hold”, rather than the more accurate “Sell” due to internal and external pressures.

They can be influenced by the companies they are analyzing, as business leaders have been known to restrict analysts’ access to management teams – and the detailed information they can provide – when analysts cast the company in a negative light.

Financhill doesn’t have this conflict, and it doesn’t recycle information collected and published by other stock analysts. Instead, it offers users access to an independent, proprietary stock rating algorithm called Stock Score.

This benefits investors, because scores are entirely generated from data. They are fully objective, and unlike the scores assigned by industry analysts, there is no chance of bias from human interpretation of the data.

The Stock Score tool generates scores computationally using an algorithm that factors in the fundamental data that form the basis of any smart investment decision. For example, details from the balance sheet and income statement are part of the formula, along with technical information like trends, momentum, and oscillators.

Stock Score also considers sentiment data, such as the stock’s volatility index, as well as economic data and a variety of additional proprietary details.

Stock Score differentiates itself from other automated scoring systems, because it is capable of supplying scores that are tailored to the product being evaluated. For example, Stock Score calculates indexes differently than it does individual corporations. That means the scoring system used to evaluate the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average is customized to analyze the underlying companies that make up those indexes.

How Does Financhill Make Money? 

All of this information isn’t free for Financhill to develop and publish, but the company has committed to keeping prices low for investors.

While there is a modest annual subscription fee, Financhill gains some of its revenue from advertising. Does that mean you have to sit through an endless array of marketing videos and pop-up solicitations? No. The Financhill site is carefully balanced to ensure advertising is not intrusive – and that all marketing content is tailored to your individual interests.

From a fee perspective, Financhill has created a structure that gives you the most value for the least out-of-pocket expense. While competing sites charge you $500 – $1,000 per year for a single tool, like a covered call screener, Financhill gives you a customized package of informational resources for a low annual rate.

Benefits of membership include:

  • An independent stock rating algorithm
  • A screening tool that spots seasonal trends
  • A valuation tool that analyzes every line item of every financial statement for virtually every stock
  • Customized watch lists
  • Email alerts when your stocks are on the move or ratings change
  • Daily market analysis newsletters
  • Weekly market review newsletters
  • Regular members-only resources that include invitation-only events, so you can spot the best stocks to trade in coming weeks

In short, Financhill differs from the competition, because it works hard to ensure that investors aren’t footing the bill for the company’s data, technology, and marketing expenses.

Financhill leaders are focused on finding a balance between giving members far more value than expected for the price, without interrupting them excessively with ads.

So far, Financhill is hitting the mark when it comes to balance. Members have indicated their satisfaction with the cost vs. advertising trade-off. That meets one of Financhill’s core objectives: to make investment information available to everyone.

After all, the service could charge more and remove outside advertising – but the underlying philosophy is this: Clicking on an ad is optional. Paying higher prices is not.

But Does Financhill Work? 

Of course, anyone can publish stock information – that doesn’t mean its useful, or even particularly accurate. Will you get your money’s worth from this site? For most users, the answer has been an unqualified yes. Financhill’s tools have proven their value again and again.

The cost of the service isn’t Financhill’s only differentiating factor. Financhill tools outshine the competition by giving details that are hard to find elsewhere.

For example, Financhill offers a Seasonality tool that spots timing-related trends in previous years. It examines how stocks have historically trended week by week and month by month, which allows you to make educated projections on future movement.

Consider these scenarios: You may know, intuitively, that a swimming pool manufacturing company is likely to be in a better financial position in late spring/early summer than in winter – and stock prices should move up and down with the company’s finances.

Alternatively, you might have your eye on a company that processes tax returns, and you know it gets a revenue windfall in March and April. The problem is pinpointing the exact moment to buy. Ideally, you would want to make your purchase when share prices are at their lowest, then sell when they peak.

The Seasonality tool crunches the numbers for every stock in the market – throughout its entire trading history – so you can see exactly how prices have ebbed and flowed over time.

Using historical data and a proprietary algorithm, this tool tells you precisely how much a given stock is likely to rise, over what time frame, and with what probability.

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to trading stocks, but this level of detail puts you in a better position to make smart decisions.

What Financhill Is Not

With all of this discussion about what Financhill does, it is important to point out what the service doesn’t do. It is not a brokerage firm, and you cannot execute trades through this site.

However, you can read more about the pros and cons of some of the online brokers out there in the Financhill blog. This is intended to provide you with the support you need to choose the brokerage that is best for you.

It is also important to note that Financhill, its subsidiaries, officers, employees, representatives, and independent contractors are not licensed financial advisors, which means the tools and data provided by the site do not fall under SEC regulatory requirements.

Investors looking for financial advice and customized investment planning should consult a licensed financial professional.

Learn More About Financhill 

Take some time to explore the Financhill site, so you can get to know the service a little better. You can see the reporting tools in action by visiting Click on “How It Works” for a video demonstration of Stock Score.

Next, visit the Financhill blog, where you can gain insight on some of the most popular and profitable stocks in the world, completely free.

Look for tips on maximizing your wealth and developing a financial plan from industry experts and insiders. Examples of recent posts include:

How To Get Started with Financhill

If you are ready to get started, visit Financhill to choose your package. There are four levels of service – and one is completely free.

The first tier is available at no cost, and it includes the following tools and services:

  • Complete Stock Ratings
  • Precise Stock Charts
  • Fundamental Analysis Visualized
  • Economic Analysis Simplified
  • Sentiment Analysis Insights
  • Portfolio Income Calculator
  • Breaking News Stream

The next tier, the Silver package, includes all of the above, plus:

If you need a little more detail, choose the Gold package, which includes all of the above, plus:

Finally, those investors who want full access to all available information can choose the Platinum package. This service includes all of the above, plus the following:

The Financhill dashboard feature makes it simple for traders and investors to visualize and interpret the data, so they can make smarter investment decisions.

Visit Financhill for more information or to open your account. The process is quick and painless. Fees can be paid monthly or annually, and as soon as your registration and payment are complete, you will receive your user ID and password by email. No paper forms required.

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