Charles Nenner Stock Market Forecast

Charles Nenner Stock Market Forecast: There’s a little bit of everything on the internet, but some topics gain more traction than others. Stock market predictions fall into the latter category. After all, everyone wants to win big when they invest.

Experienced researchers and analysts look at a variety of factors when developing their assessments of individual stocks and entire classes of assets. In many cases, they begin with the fundamentals. For a specific company, that includes financial health, management skill, and so forth.

These experts typically examine the external environment, as well. For example, are there geopolitical factors impacting the industry? What risks are likely to affect stock prices? What is the competition doing, and how will that change the company’s trajectory?

These days, there is no end to global events that influence the performance of individual organizations. The past two years were marked by a pandemic that transformed daily life for nearly everyone, and now the world is contending with supply chain disruptions, increasing oil prices, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In the United States, rising interest rates and record-high inflation is changing consumer behavior. Some companies that made a fortune during the pandemic have lost most of their value over the past six months, while others that struggled to survive COVID-19 have recovered and are starting to thrive.

In such a volatile environment, the experts can’t offer certainty, though they do share their evidence-based assessments with clients, media, and occasionally, their internet followers. Because this guidance is clearly labeled as a possibility rather than a guarantee, amateur investors are tempted to seek out web-based investing influencers who profess to have all the answers.

These influencers claim that their proprietary techniques can predict a market that is widely considered unpredictable. Examples of internet investing gurus with significant followings include Charles Nenner, Harry Dent, Terry Burnham, and Mark Faber. Is it possible that they have something to offer?

If so, Charles Nenner’s stock market forecast and war cycle predictions are the most dramatic. If he is correct, every person on the planet – investor or not – has something to fear in the next year or two.

Who Is Charles Nenner?

Charles Nenner is the founder and president of the Charles Nenner Research Center, which he launched in 2001.

Before that, he worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co. in a variety of roles, including as a Technical Analyst for the firm’s fixed-income trading group. Over the course of his long career, Nenner was also employed by Rabobank International as the Head of Trading Research, and he was the Head of Market Timing at Ofek Securities.

The Charles Nenner Research Center is dedicated to developing independent market timing research for clients that range from individual investors to hedge funds, brokerage firms, and banks.

The work is based on a proprietary system of pattern recognition and cycle analysis that Nenner says can accurately predict the future movements of any type of asset.

Through Nenner’s system, the firm offers guidance on the direction, timing, and price targets of bonds, stocks, currencies, commodities, and economic indicators.

At its core, the system is based on the theory that there are no random movements in the market. Nenner believes that changes in the external environment, as reported through the media, are not the true catalyst for changes in asset prices. Instead, the real catalyst is how investors react to world events.

Charles Nenner 2022 Predictions

Charles Nenner’s stock market forecast for 2022 and beyond is grim, and his war cycle forecasts are downright alarming.

In a recent webcast, Nenner said that the stock and bond markets are poised to drop significantly, and he predicted that the DJIA will be at 15,000 relatively soon. Nenner said that the decline will continue until it finally bottoms out at 5,000. Such figures would be shocking for an index that currently trades above 30,000.

Nenner also suggested that the cost of food will continue to rise, and food shortages will become a serious issue.

At the same time, oil prices will increase to $150 per barrel or more. The bright spot in Nenner’s predictions is related to the price of gold. Nenner said that he expects gold to hit $2,500 short-term. If major economies return to the gold standard, gold prices will rise as high as $40,000.

Charles Nenner’s war cycle forecasts are enough to keep anyone up at night. Through his modeling and pattern recognition system, Nenner has determined that a third World War is likely over the next year or two.

He suggested that this war will cause the deaths of at least a third of the human population, and he cited an ancient prophet who said that the war will only last eight minutes. That indicates the use of nuclear weapons capable of devastating destruction.

Is Charles Nenner Legit?

There are researchers and analysts that step away from their day jobs to evaluate the accuracy of investing influencers like Charles Nenner. So far, the evidence shows that most of Nenner’s predictions have not come to pass.

For example, in 2009, Nenner predicted that the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) would reach 5,000 no later than 2011. In 2010, Nenner predicted a crisis was coming in 2013. He said that markets would be devastated by sunspot activity. Neither of these events occurred.

That’s good news for those who fear the annihilation of a third of the population in 2023. It’s less promising for those who have based their investment decisions on Nenner’s predictions.

On the flipside, Nenner has had his fair share of good calls too. In late 2008, he famously went on air to forecast the bottom was in, and he was right.

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