5 Stocks With High Revenue Growth

Stocks With High Revenue Growth: A slew of metrics can distract investors from what really counts: sales. Top line revenues solve a lot of financial problems. Sales are needed to pay operating costs, marketing expenses, research and development and so on. Finding stocks with high top line growth can translate to phenomenal returns for investors, particularly when costs are held in check – because profits tend to boon.

1. Carnival Corporation (CUK)

The cruise-ship industry took a beating during COVID-19. After significant outbreaks among passengers on a Diamond Princess cruise ship in early 2020, company owner Carnival found itself facing plummeting stock prices. Today, though, the second of Carnival’s two stocks – CUK – is facing a projected 125.38% Revenue Growth Next Quarter. 

Sales projections are forecast to rise sharply in coming quarters which could signal a resumption in share price appreciation.

Carnival is currently an undervalued stock, and can be especially profitable for people who intend to hold the stock for years if the world re-opens in earnest.

2. CleanSpark (CLSK)

CleanSpark is a bitcoin mining and energy-management company. In recent months, CLSK stock has blown up from $1 per share to as high as $43 per share.

Currently, the company is facing a class-action lawsuit and has diluted share prices. Still, experts predict CLSK  will experience 84.92% Revenue Growth Next Quarter. 

The company has been around since 1987, and is widely considered a decent investment by analysts. The company has recently showcased gains of nearly 1,700 percent and experts forecast that stock prices could more than double in coming months. 

From an analysis of cash flows, discounted and forecast over time, it appears that the upside in Cleanspark is very significant. The spike in revenues, should they manifest, could very well translate to a share price spike in tandem.

3. bluebird bio (BLUE)

For those interested in biotechnology stocks, bluebird bio may be a good option. It is a development-stage biotechnology company that focuses on creating products for gene therapy, gene editing, and cancer immunotherapy. 

Its main calling card is its gene therapy product LentiGlobin, which has also created many difficulties for the company. Despite the sell-off of BLUE stock, however, experts predict BLUE stock will experience 68.38% Revenue Growth Next Quarter.

The gene therapy is a stem-cell-derived transfusion that is currently in clinical trials as a potential treatment for sickle cell disease.  At the time of this writing, LentiGlobin has received conditional marketing approval from the European Medical Agency (EMA) as an effective treatment for targeting beta thalassemia. 

A fair market valuation for BLUE suggests that the share price upside is very large if analysts cash flow projections come true.

4. Nuvve Holding (NVVE)

Nuvve Holding (NVVE) is a global leader in vehicle-to-grid technology. The company hit the public stock exchange in March of 2021. Until recently, Nuvve stock has been trading through Newborn Acquisition. 

Now that Nuvve is trading independently, though, experts are predicting the stock to experience 57.89% Revenue Growth Next Quarter.

This projection, combined with the fact that Nuvve does offer a different approach to the EV charging market, suggests NVVE stocks will catch on and become a popular investment with interested buyers. 

5. Ardelyx (ARDX)

During recent trading sessions, Ardelyx (ARDX) shares rallied 6.8%, to close at close to $6.62 per share. The company is best known for its new drug application, tenapanor, which is currently going through the FDA review process. 

The stock exchange expects a decision regarding its approval by April 29. Currently, experts predict 34.54% Revenue Growth for ARDX Next Quarter.

Just like the other stocks on this list, ARDX valuation has significant upside – almost triple digit percentages – which correlates with its revenue projections.

A Quick Note on Picking the Right Stocks

Everyone wants to know how to choose the right stocks. Aside from evaluating a stock’s projected revenue growth, what should you look for? What process should you employ to find the right stocks for you? We’ve discussed this on our blog before, but here’s a quick overview of what we recommend:

  • Assess the stock’s volume. Look at the trading volume for the stock in question. A promising stock should have a volume-heavy price chart with price advances and declines that happen on a higher-than-normal volume rate. 
  • Evaluate support and resistance. Support refers to the price level at which a stock has sold off. Resistance, meanwhile, refers to the price level to which a stock has risen and stalled. Look for stocks with profits that are equal or close to resistance levels. Sidestep stocks that are approaching resistance level, since it will likely begin there and fall. 
  • Consult moving averages. A moving average (MA) is a line on a stock’s chart. For example, a 50-day MA will showcase the stock’s average price over the last 50 days. MA is a somewhat subjective metric, but it can be important. While some stocks well above a 200-MA may be considered reactive, no moving average is reactive for other stocks. 

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