Profits Run Review

Profits Run Review: Businesses often publish mission statements and a list of corporate values, but it is rare to find individuals who do the same. Bill Poulos is one of the few to select a guiding principle that directs his decisions, both personally and professionally.

In a word, that principle is philotimo, a Greek term that is directly translated to mean “love of honor”. However, a native speaker would tell you that philotimo is a much larger concept, encompassing core values like sincerity, respect, and prioritizing the good of your family above all else.

Understanding Poulos’ guiding principle is critical to understanding his investment philosophy and his commitment to educating others. Poulos spent years learning the ins and outs of the market, and his goal is to help less experienced investors avoid common errors so they, too, can enjoy financial success.

Poulos offers a long list of services, publications, webinars, and software to support investors in their quest to beat the market. In addition, he is the author of two books, The 5 Most Dangerous Trends Threatening Your Portfolio (2012) and Bill Poulos’s Simple Options Trading For Beginners: How to trade options from A to Z explained in plain English (2016).

All of these educational tools are created with investors in mind, making otherwise complex processes friendly for even the most inexperienced users.

Who is Bill Poulos?

Bill Poulos’ first career was at General Motors, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become a well-respected executive.

Thanks to his smart financial planning, he was able to retire at a relatively young age. That allowed him the freedom to pursue his passion for trading – specifically, solving the endless risk vs reward riddle that investors face every day.

Keep in mind, Poulos started trading in 1974, and computers weren’t a part of daily life. There was no internet to provide millions of pages of research materials, no automated analytics tools, and no instant electronic trades.

Poulos used a pencil and paper to graph market movement, and when he was ready to make a transaction, he called his broker to manually process it. Needless to say, this was far more effort than most casual investors of the time were willing to devote.

All of his research and detailed charting had an important result. Poulos developed specialized skills and expertise that are quite rare in today’s investing world.

Poulos and his son launched their company, Profits Run, to share this expertise with beginning and intermediate investors. The company was founded on a commitment to help participants skip over the costly learning curve facing most new investors, so they could start enjoying greater investing success right away.

The name is derived from a long-standing bit of wisdom from the trading floor: Cut your losses and let your profits run. In other words, get out of losing positions as soon as possible, but don’t sell winning positions too soon. Have the patience – and confidence – to let profits continue to build over time.

Does the Profits Run program work? Many say yes. This is what you need to know before deciding whether Profits Run is right for you.

Profits Run Review: What Do Users Get?

The beauty of Profits Run is that there is something for everyone, from first-time investors to more sophisticated traders. Depending on the program and the data package you purchase, you can receive new updates as often as daily or as infrequently as once a month.

Choose from newsletters specifically tailored to certain types of assets, or sign up for one-on-one training from an investment expert.

You can gain access to live seminars, printed and digital training materials, self-paced learning programs, webinars, and podcasts through your subscription – the pace and volume of information is up to you.

The most dedicated investors tend toward the Profits Run Alliance, which offers lifetime access to the program of your choice.

Profits Run Newsletters

Many new investors begin their Profits Run experience with a subscription to one or more of the company’s niche newsletters. Each is carefully crafted by industry experts, with contributions from Bill Poulos himself.

This niche approach makes it easy for you to find the information that interests you most, and you can choose based on the time you have available to devote to your investment education and trading activity.

20/30 Wealth Trader

The 20/30 Wealth Trader is for investors who want daily updates.

The program is designed to give you maximum exposure to the best trades in just 30 minutes a day. Essentially, it examines opportunities in the top 20 markets, and picks out the most promising.

That’s why it’s called the 20/30 Wealth Trader – 20 markets in 30 minutes.

Real Wealth Alert 

Gold and other precious metals grow in value when the markets are in turmoil. They are seen as safe havens when the economy is in decline.

The Real Wealth Alert daily trading program gives actionable advice on maximizing gains from the gold and precious metals markets. Some users have succeeded in creating double or triple-digit gains through this program, and the best part is that you don’t have to take possession of actual coins or bullion to participate.

Earnings Profit Alert 

You have probably noticed a lot of movement in individual share prices right around the time of companies’ quarterly earnings announcements.

In fact, you have probably thought that if you could somehow harness these movements, there are certainly profits to be made.

Profits Run has developed a unique two-step trading strategy to generate profits around the time of earnings announcements. If that sort of trading interests you, this daily program is a good choice.

Crypto Profit Alert

Cryptocurrency is an extraordinary phenomenon. It is one of the newer assets available to investors, and it has been through a wild series of dramatic highs and devastating lows in recent years.

It’s fairly popular in portfolios that are heavily focused on diversification, as cryptocurrency doesn’t tend to move in lockstep with the stock market.

Profits Run’s Crypto Profit Alert newsletter offers insight into the opportunities available through cryptocurrency, identifying the trades most likely to generate profit with the least amount of risk.

Instant Options Income

The beauty of options is that you have an opportunity to benefit from increases and decreases in particular securities without the commitment of trading shares.

The Instant Options Income program is a weekly service designed to teach you everything you need to know about generating value from the 16-day profit window that is specific to options.

Premium Income Alert 

If you are in search of short-term gains and regular income, the weekly Premium Income Alert program may be right for you.

It is focused on maximizing profits and reducing risk without relying on a buy-and-hold strategy.

Premium Income Letter

Finally, there is the Premium Income Letter for those who aren’t interested in devoting a lot of time to trading activity.

This program includes monthly communications that share simple steps for growing wealth with minimal investment of time.

Of course, you still have to put the necessary effort into utilizing the education resources, but you won’t find yourself sitting in front of a computer to make trades every day.

Profits Run Options Income Engine

Profits Run’s Options Income Engine is a popular choice for those just starting out with the service.

The software includes a trade alert tool that analyzes massive amounts of information with the aim of picking out the options that offer the greatest potential for profits and the least amount of risk.

You receive notifications each night when the markets close, giving you an opportunity to determine whether particular options are a good fit for your portfolio.

Profits Run Forex Profit Accelerator

The Forex Profit Accelerator is one of Profit Run’s most exciting proprietary systems.

It is a trading program that analyzes forex markets to pinpoint opportunities with the greatest profit potential. Those who choose to participate in this program receive training and tips on trading these 24-hour markets at the end of each day.

Profits Run Review: What Do People Say?

Generally speaking, there isn’t much chatter about Profits Run in the typical review forums, other than the standard sorts of remarks from users who expected a true “get rich quick” program.

The most helpful feedback can be found on the Better Business Bureau site, which scores Profits Run an A+.

The few complaints listed were rapidly resolved, and they tended to be around the speed of refund requests. The compliments are impressive – glowing summaries of the exceptional experience that users had with the Profits Run service. These are two examples:

I am super impressed with the knowledge my coach has about the market, trade strategies, and technical analysis. Initially I started out with the 6 month “One on One” coaching program, and saw early on it was money well spent, so I upgraded the training program to 18 months. I only wished I had made the decision sooner. 

I find Bill Poulos of Profits Run to be excellent in the educational services rendered. I have been involved in his options income course, his instant options income course, his gold & silver precious metals course, his Premier Income course & his Cryptocurrency course. I find everything to be above-board and excellent in training with abundant videos to learn and for some products monthly webinars where the student can ask pertinent questions. I hope in the future to take his FOREX course to learn that also. 

Is Profits Run a Scam?

There are a wide variety of investment education services that promise huge profits when you pay a hefty enrollment fee. Of course, when it comes to investing, there are no guarantees, so such promises are often a sign that the service is a scam.

Profits Run, on the other hand, is up-front about its value proposition, going so far as to say it is not a “get rich quick” scheme. Instead, the service teaches investors how to properly manage risk, which offers greater protection for your portfolio and a far less stressful investing experience.

In short, Profits Run is not a scam, but will you actually grow your portfolio? That depends on the time and effort spent mastering the concepts and using the tools. As with any educational program, you will get out what you put in.

Profits Run Review Summary

Profits Run isn’t cheap by any standard, but those who are serious about improving their trading skills tend to find the cost is well-worth the results. It’s unusual to find an investor education service that delivers exactly what it promises – a straightforward guide to maximizing your profits and minimizing your risks when investing.

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