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Jeff Bishop Raging Bull Review

Jeff Bishop Raging Bull Review: Countless websites claim that they can make you rich. Of course, some of those sites just want to take advantage of you. Everyone wants more money, so they target you with scams that seem legitimate at first.

Luckily, Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull don’t fall into the scam category. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they can always give you information that will lead to successful trades. No one makes the right choice 100% of the time.

But can you trust Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull to give you recommendations that often point investors in the right direction?

We’ll examine that question and let you decide whether Jeff Bishop’s Raging Bull is the right option for you. You may determine that it has the services you need, or you may choose to try a similar company that matches your investment goals better.

Who Is Jeff Bishop?

Jeff Bishop started out like a lot of successful traders. After graduating from college, he got a full-time job that paid the bills but didn’t give him much fulfillment.

He started day trading during his downtime. As he gained more experience, his personal wealth grew. Eventually, Bishop decided to quit his job to focus on trading and, more importantly, teaching other people how they can multiply their investments quickly.

It probably helps that Jeff Bishop earned degrees in finance and economics from the University of Texas. His education gave him a fundamental understanding of how markets behave, but it didn’t teach him how to get rich. He learned those lessons independently and then became mentor to his business partner, Jason Bond.

Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond started Raging Bull in 2010. Bishop also runs Weekly Money Multiplier and Foundation, a philanthropic organization that donates a portion of Raging Bull’s trading profits to charities.

If Jeff Bishop earns enough from his trading that he can afford to donate a portion to charity, the signs are positive that he knows what he’s doing when in terms of navigating the stock market successfully.

As an educator, he can potentially teach you to use some of the same approaches to trading.

Raging Bull Review: What Do Users Get?

Raging Bull offers a variety of services aimed at independent traders who want to grow wealth as quickly as possible.

The company focuses on providing educational services that teach traders how to make smart, informed decisions.

Free Materials From Raging Bull

Many of Raging Bull’s educational materials don’t cost any money to view. You can get some key insights by signing up for:

  • Bullseye Trades newsletter, which Jeff Bishop releases once a week.
  • Jackpot Traders newsletter, which Jason Bond sends out every Monday.
  • Sniper Report newsletter, which comes from Raging Bull’s biotech swing trading expert Kyle Dennis.
  • Fast5 Trades newsletter, a collection of stock tips for making money quickly.

Trading Education Services From Raging Bull

Raging Bull can also connect you to a variety of trading education services run by its founders and team of experts.

Most of the educational services involve attending in-person or online training sessions. The services include:

  • Total Alpha
  • Fast Five Trading
  • Jason Bond Picks
  • Profit Prism
  • Daily Deposits
  • IPO Payday
  • Options Profit Planner
  • Weekly Windfalls

jeff bishop raging bull review

Premium Services From Raging Bull

Not surprisingly, Raging Bull reserves some of its best services for premium members. The price varies depending on the level of access that you want.

Its website lists three subscription plans that range from $1,999 per year to $2,999 per year. You can get one free trial session to help you decide whether you want to pay for the premium content.

Some of the premium services offered by Raging Bull include:

  • Dollar Ace, options trading training that targets investors with small accounts.
  • LottoX, a live trading presentation that provides insights from Nathan Bear.
  • Profit Prism Platinum, a trading course that dispels popular Wall Street myths and teaches day traders how to maximize their investments.
  • Weekly Money Multiplier, a weekly seminar from Nathan Bear.

What You Get From Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull

Jeff Bishop often gets lumped in with Raging Bull. He is, after all, one of the company’s co-founders. But not all of the educational content that you get from Raging Bull comes from Jeff Bishop.

That’s not a bad thing! Learning from a team of experienced traders means that you get diverse sources of advice that can add to your portfolio.

Jeff Bishop may stand out as one of the best mentors for investors interested in mastering options and ETF trading. Signing up for his newsletter and other services will offer you the latest news and strategies related to those investing opportunities.

With Raging Bull, you also get to learn from experts in penny stock day trading, blue-chip and large-cap trading, biotech swing trades, and small-cap swing trades.

Think of Jeff Bishop as an important member of a team. He has a lot to teach you, but he can’t do all of the work himself. When you try Raging Bull, remember that there are a lot of team members willing to give you trading advice.

jeff bishop raging bull review

Jeff Bishop Review

Jeff Bishop is someone you should listen to if you want to make money from options trading and ETF. He isn’t the most famous investor in the world, but he does have an impressive track record that makes him the kind of person worth keeping a close eye on.

Will following Jeff Bishop’s advice make you rich? Some people claim they have certainly made a lot of money by following the newsletters released by Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull.

Signing up for Jeff Bishop’s educational services might give you a competitive advantage, but it cannot guarantee anything. That’s true of advice from all investors, though. Even Warren Buffett makes bad decisions every now and then.

For the best results, learn how to follow Jeff Bishop’s approach to trading. Then, you can compare his recommendations to the strategies you know. When you and Jeff Bishop agree, it’s probably a good idea to buy or sell the stock. Your success will always come down to how well you learn to leverage changes in the market.

Is Jeff Bishop Legit?

There isn’t any reason to think that Jeff Bishop isn’t legitimate. When you read reviews of Jeff Bishop’s options education services, you will find a variety of perspectives.

Some people say that Jeff Bishop runs a scam that tries to take advantage of people. Most reviewers, however, say that they got good advice from Jeff Bishop.

Jeff Bishop runs a legitimate business, but that doesn’t mean you should agree to everything the company recommends. For example, you can pay for a lifetime membership to Raging Bull.

Obviously, the company will encourage you to take this option because it ensures that you become a customer for life.

Does it make sense for you to sign up for a lifetime membership? That depends on how well the services have worked for you. A good rule of thumb for any service is don’t make a major financial commitment to any service until you have significant experience using it.

Jeff Bishop Raging Bull: What Do People Say?

You always find amusing online reviews when you read what people have to say about financial and investing advice.

Plenty of investors will complain that they didn’t get the results that they expected. Some of them are upset enough that they call Jeff Bishop Raging Bull scammers.

Just because you don’t make as much money as you thought, of course, doesn’t mean that Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull scammed you.

Online reviews can help you decide whether Jeff Bishop Raging Bull is worth your time, though. Trustpilot has over 700 reviews from people who use Jason Bond Picks.

raging bull review

As you may remember, Jason Bond is Jeff Bishop’s business partner in Raging Bull. Unfortunately, Trustpilot doesn’t have a page for Jeff Bishop.

Given their close relationship, though, reviews of Jason Bond Picks say something about Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull.

A random selection of reviews include:

  • Very good presentation and excellent explanation of the topic.” 5-star rating
  • Advance Notices with Live Trading Demo is like a one-on-one tutor.” 5-star rating
  • I couldn’t find the Dashboard until around 3 or 4 weeks into the subscription. I was waiting for all of the included teaching material to come in the mail.” 1-star rating
  • Their customer service is zero. It is impossible to get support.” 1-star review
  • This was the best decision I’ve made in a while! I’m learning a lot and I’m loving his morning and afternoon trade alerts.” 5-star reviewer

It seems that people either love or hate the service. Still, 88% of users on Trustpilot give it an Excellent rating.

Since Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull offer free content through the Raging Bull website, you don’t have to rely on other users to decide whether the trading strategies work.

You can use the free content to test the waters and determine whether you want to pay for more detailed, real-time trading advice.

jeff bishop raging bull review

Jeff Bishop Net Worth

Jeff Bishop doesn’t have to reveal how much he’s worth, so no one really knows how much money he has in cash, property, and other assets.

Considering that he’s an expert trader who also earns money as a trading advisor, it’s likely safe to say that Jeff Bishop’s net worth comes to several million dollars.

The truth is that Jeff Bishop probably doesn’t even know to the penny his net worth. After all, he likely has a lot of money in the market, so his overall value can change significantly by the day.

If the New York Stock Exchange plummets 10%, then Bishop’s net worth probably follows. If the NASDAQ jumps 20 points one day, then you can probably bet that Bishop goes to bed happy knowing that his value increased by thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Judging a person’s net worth becomes difficult when they keep most of their money in stocks and assets. You have been investing for several years, then you have seen your portfolio’s value rise and fall with changes to the economy.

Even if you lose a lot of money one day, you haven’t necessarily lost anything because stock values could rebound. It’s best to think of stock as an asset that has a changing value.

With that in mind, it gets harder and harder to determine the net worth of a successful trader like Jeff Bishop.

Is Raging Bull a Scam?

When you want to know whether a business scams people, you can always head to the Better Business Bureau’s website to see what other consumers have reported.

Like the vast number of businesses that are consumer facing, the BBB has received some complaints about Raging Bull, but none of them indicate that the company runs a scam.

The most common complaints focus on problems with the website automatically renewing memberships. Considering that some Raging Bull memberships can cost thousands of dollars a year, it makes sense that people would get upset about automatic renewals they didn’t expect.

With that said, the company doesn’t hide its auto-renewal policy. In fact, it sends text messages to members before renewing their subscriptions. If you sign up for Raging Bull, make sure you have the text alerts turned on. Otherwise, you might not know when your membership is about to renew.

On the positive side, Raging Bull returned the auto-renewal fees of most people who complained to the BBB. That decision helps support the view that Raging Bull is not a scam.

Jeff Bishop Raging Bull Review Summary

Jeff Bishop Raging Bull is an excellent resource for investors interested in options and ETF trading. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been trading for years, you can learn something useful from Jeff Bishop and other Raging Bull contributors.

Don’t feel like you need to jump into Jeff Bishop’s premium content too quickly. You can learn quite a bit by signing up for his free newsletter. The newsletter probably won’t make you an expert trader, but it will introduce you to the core concepts that you need to succeed as a day trader.

Once you feel like you have a good understanding of the basic strategies Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull use, it makes sense to consider paying for premium content. It’s hard to beat the kind of direct instruction that you get from live trading videos.

No matter what you decide, it’s essential to recognize that Jeff Bishop is selling you his insights into trading. Do not expect to get rich overnight. Get rich quick schemes don’t work. You will need to dedicate yourself to learning practical techniques and when to execute them. Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull can educate you, but they cannot make all of the decisions for you. Success will take a lot of hard work.

Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull can seem a bit expensive. Premium content often costs a couple of thousand dollars. If you can use the membership fee to your advantage, though, it’s worth it.

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