Jason Bond Picks Review [Is It A Scam?]

Jason Bond Picks Review: The internet is full of get-rich-quick pyramid schemes, and inexperienced investors make good targets for scammers.

Self-proclaimed stock market experts promise thousands in profit if you sign up for their services and take their advice. Unfortunately, many of these sites simply take your money without ever offering useful, actionable investment guidance. So, how can you tell whether to subscribe?

Sorting through the options and separating the true experts from the hustlers can be overwhelming. Some names, like Jason Bond, come up again and again. Here, you’ll get the information you need to determine whether Jason Bond and his suite of investment trainings, newsletters, and real-time tips is right for you.

The Basics: Who is Jason Bond?

Jason Bond was once an average guy with an average teaching job – and an average amount of debt. However, he has said that he wasn’t satisfied with a life of constant financial struggle, so he started experimenting with swing trading on the side.

As it turned out, he had a knack for spotting market patterns, and he was successful beyond his wildest dreams. In 2011, he gave up his teaching career to work in swing trading full time.

In 2013, according to Jason, his swing trading performance in the portfolio he managed tripled vs S&P 500. That accomplishment launched an almost mythical reputation. Soon, he was giving investment advice to national audiences as a regular guest in financial media and publications.

Bond is a teacher at heart, and he never forgot his roots. Eventually, he came up with a plan to share his deep understanding of the small cap market with others. He created Jason Bond Picks, which offers its members a comprehensive set of educational tools and resources, as well as a community of like-minded investors with whom to share ideas.

In a nutshell, Bond’s trading strategy is focused on capturing gains in a stock over the course of one to four days.

Through proprietary analytics, he selects stocks that are poised for short-term price momentum. While he does give attention to a particular stock’s fundamental value, the foundation of his strategy is related to patterns and trends in pricing.

Today, Jason Bond Picks is one of the most popular investment guides in the industry. He has no trouble attracting new members, despite the fees he charges for his services, and many report remarkable success using his methods. At last count, he claimed over 10,000 paying members, and these days that number has likely mushroomed higher.

jason bond picks review

Jason Bond Picks Review: What Do Users Get?

In the early days, Jason Bond Picks was a single newsletter chock full of tips for investors at every level of experience. Over time, Bond developed additional products, services, educational tools, and support based on members’ feedback.

Today, Bond offers a variety of programs designed to suit the differing needs of his members. The most-used tools include in-depth courses on swing trading, day trading, and short selling. The information is intended to give members the information they need to create their own investment strategies and choose trades independently.

While Bond does share the timing of his stock trades, users who go into the program expecting a full-service investment advisor and broker will be disappointed. In the first place, Bond isn’t licensed for such work, and in the second, he isn’t interested in doing it.

According to Bond, the best way to regard the trading information he provides is like a real-time diary of an active trader. Bond’s true intention is to teach members how to be self-sufficient when it comes to successfully choosing and timing trades. It takes time, commitment, and work for members to transform their portfolios from good to great. Those willing to put in the effort have realized substantial benefits.

Jason Bond Training

The biggest advantage  to Jason Bond Picks membership is to access to a comprehensive suite of educational tools and resources. For example, members get lifetime access to the Trading Strategy Course, through which Bond shares his own methods for evaluating and trading stocks.

Membership also includes four in-depth courses on the types of trading Bond is known for:

  • The Basics of Swing Trading
  • Penny Stocks 101
  • Stock Options Explained
  • The House Always Wins

Bond values this package alone at nearly $5,000, though pricing may be different.

The courses mesh nicely with Bond’s Day Trading Playbook, which is included with membership. This publication offers a detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of day trading, along with proven strategies for long-term success.

What Is Jason Bond Trading?

The idea behind Jason Bond Picks membership is community, and to that end, Bond is heavily engaged with his participants.

He sends frequent email and text message updates with his ideas, analysis, and commentary any time there is a major trading development. Often, he shares thoughts on potential trades he is following, and he gives insight on how and why they have caught his attention.

Membership includes a subscription to Jason’s Daily Trading Watchlist, which outlines his strategy for each day the market is open. It covers the trades he is considering, which gives readers an opportunity to do their own research before he sends notification of his buy or sell decision through his Real-Time Trade Alerts.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and effective opportunities that investors get with their membership is a real-time view of Bond’s portfolio. Watching his trades and monitoring their impact on his portfolio as a whole offers education and experience that is nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

Finally, Bond shares proprietary trading and analysis tools with his members, along with detailed instruction on using them as effectively as possible. The combination of education materials, community support, access to trading tools, and real-time observation of trading results is a recipe for success that is rarely replicated in any other investor group.

Of course, there are no guarantees that any individual investor will realize success and see financial gains. Bond isn’t an investment advisor, and he can’t promise particular results.

The purpose of Jason Bond Picks is to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create a customized trading strategy unique to your needs. Bond offers tools and support to get there.

jason bond picks review

Jason Bond Picks Reviews: What Do People Say?

Jason Bond has been featured in the media many times – often in top business and investing publications like Forbes, The Street, Seeking Alpha, and Investing.com. However, the best way to determine whether Jason Bond Picks is right for you is to read through experiences from confirmed subscribers.

Jason Bond Picks has been extensively reviewed on TrustPilot, and the service has earned a 4.5 Star/Excellent rating. Some of the reviewers are new to the service, and their comments show the power of first impressions – for example:

“Jason does such a GREAT job explaining things to someone who is new! He really makes things seem quite simple. I’m loving all that I have been learning and would completely recommend him to anyone!”

Those who have been with Jason Bonds for a longer period of time tend to note that the main benefit of Jason Bond Picks is the educational tools and resources available.

Jason Bond’s Weekly Windfalls is an excellent options trading service for novices and experienced options traders. He provides hours of education for those who need it. The service is easy to follow without requiring one to sit in front of a computer all day. The program has been highly successful. It is appropriate for anyone looking to make higher returns on their investments, or for the person who trades for a living.”

Of course, as with any product or service, there are some naysayers. Those that regret their purchase share feedback with a similar theme.

They note that the various memberships are pricey, and there is no trial period or refunds once you sign up. They comment that they feel inundated with emails, and it seems like they are constantly asked to level up or add to their membership at a high cost.

The consensus among negative reviewers is that they don’t get the type of personal service they expected for the fee they paid, and it appears that they are disappointed with the results of investments made based on Jason Bond Picks’ advice.

While these reviewers are being honest about their experience, it appears likely they were looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. They were hoping for foolproof stock picks, and they thought growing their investment accounts would be as simple as buying and selling when instructed.

Smart investors know things don’t work this way, and the best chance of financial success comes with increasing market knowledge and skills to develop an investment strategy. Once you have an effective strategy in place, it is possible to apply advice around specific trades to generate higher-than-average profit.

Those who went into their Jason Bond Picks membership with realistic expectations appear most satisfied with their overall experience, and they are the members who indicate they will renew their subscriptions to the service in future quarters.

jason bond picks review

Is Jason Bond Picks a Scam?

A quick Google search turns up all sorts of opinions about Jason Bond Picks – both positive and negative – and the negative reviews have a similar theme. They are from current or former members who don’t feel they received the level of customer service they paid for, and they didn’t make the profits they were expecting. Does that make Jason Bond Picks a scam?

In short, the service offers in-depth education on building wealth through trading small-cap shares and penny stocks. The information is detailed, but it is presented in a way that is simple enough for beginning investors to benefit.

Jason Bond Picks isn’t a magic investing wand, and it doesn’t do the work for you. However, if you carefully review the educational materials and take advantage of the advice and mentorship available within the community, it is possible to make money.

In short, Jason Bond Picks isn’t a scam, but it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme either. As with any investment strategy, success relies on clear understanding of the relevant markets and a careful evaluation of risk versus reward.

If you expect your account balance to increase tenfold overnight simply by joining, Jason Bond Picks might feel like a scam. If you approach it as a tool in your investing arsenal, you are likely to find it highly beneficial.

jason bond picks review

Jason Bond Picks Review Summary

The bottom line is this: Bond’s success isn’t in question, and many people credit him with teaching them how to trade. Is the service for everyone? No. It’s not a magic formula for wealth. However, the education and support he offers members is top notch, and if you look past the heavy advertising, you can get thorough training on certain types of investing by signing up.

Your success depends on what you put into it. Whether or not you ultimately decide your enrollment fee was well spent depends on the time and effort you invest making use of available tools and training.

If your entire strategy is to mirror Jason Bond’s trades, chances are you won’t be satisfied with your experience. Simply copying Bond’s transactions doesn’t consider your unique situation, and it neglects critical factors like timing, risk tolerance, and portfolio size.

Swing trading is fast-paced, so there will be many times when you have to make independent decisions. If you learn how to make smart independent decisions, you may see some of the impressive returns Bond achieves in his own trades.

Some argue that the information available through Jason Bond Picks and related services can be found elsewhere at lower cost. That’s probably true. But realistically, it would take an extraordinary amount of research to create your own course – assuming you can already locate and interpret complex financial reports. Those that prefer a comprehensive source for in-depth tools, services, and support tend to agree that Jason Bond Picks is a smart choice.

jason bond picks review

How To Get Started with Jason Bond Picks

It’s easy to enroll in Jason Bond Picks. Simply visit the JasonBondPicks.com to review your options.

You can start with the free training course to get a sense of Bond’s style, and you can request additional information by clicking on Learn More. Note that you will have to enter your email address and phone number for the Learn More option, and you can expect to receive lots of educational and marketing materials by email and text.

To sign up, click on Join Now and enter your information. This is a great time, because there is a promotion going on to welcome new members at a discounted rate. It’s important to be aware that once your card is charged, there are no refunds, and you must cancel before your renewal date if you do not wish to extend your membership.

Bond doesn’t offer any sort of “free trial period” or otherwise unpaid access to his services. His reasoning is this: first, “you get what you pay for”.

Second, and more importantly, it stands to reason that people who sign up for a free trial will spend a lot of time exploring the service, asking questions, and testing the information before they are willing to commit.

Bond explains that the number of “free trial” subscribers and the amount of time it would take to effectively manage them will certainly deplete resources. That means less available resources – including Bond’s personal time and attention – for paid members, which Bond isn’t willing to risk.

jason bond picks review 

Bonus: What is Jason Bond’s Net Worth?

No one knows exactly what’s in Jason Bond’s bank account, but if you go by the information he has released to his members and the media, it’s a big number. Industry experts and people in the know estimate Jason Bond’s net worth at about $5 million, and Bond says he earned more than $26 million in his first five years of trading. We cannot substantiate these claims but take them at face value.

Bond’s site includes photos of E*Trade checks with a lot of zeros. A marketing technique? Maybe. But if you consider the number of people who sign up for his service and the fee they pay to participate, it seems likely that Bond isn’t exaggerating.

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Bonus 2: Jason Bond Picks Reddit Reviews

The fact is that Reddit users are not big Jason Bond Picks fans.

A quick search gives the impression that Jason Bond Picks isn’t worth the money, and most of those who respond to  questions like “Is Jason Bond Picks a scam?” are pretty adamant that it is. The problem is that Bond puts a lot into advertising, and his program is quite expensive. Those who expect to make that money back effortlessly with a directed trade or two are certainly going to be disappointed.

Bond’s program requires hard work, and members have to put the necessary time in on the education side. Yes, once you understand the intricacies of this type of trading, there may be money to be made, but it’s not get-rich-quick.

When you join Jason Bond Picks, you are making a financial commitment, so you have to follow up by using the tools and services as designed. This isn’t the right choice for those looking for “sure thing” trading tips. Those who come to the program with that perspective may lose money – and then leave bad reviews on Reddit.

Bonus 3: Does a Jason Bond Picks App Exist?

The key to making money in this kind of trading is timing, which is difficult to manage if you can’t sit in front of your computer all day. Many investors want to know whether a Jason Bond Picks app is available for on-the-go information.

There are a few options available from the Amazon App Store, but none have been updated recently. These are primarily designed to generate interest in joining the Jason Bond Picks community.

The service itself doesn’t market an official Android app, and there is no iOS app at all. In short, plan to access your account and all related services from your browser.

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